Grade Rasiya Drops Sana Javed Over Allegations Against Your sweetheart

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rang rasiya sana javed
Image Source: ARY Trends

Sana Javed has come down below fire for a whole put together of allegations against the girl. The actress was blasted by popular celebrity active artist Omayr Waqar lately but it appears that was a perfect tip of the iceberg. This moment as people start talking in up about her nuisance and unprofessional attitude, makes are hitting her through which it hurts. Here’s what Échelon Rasiya has now announced:

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Who Dropped Your girl?

Sana Javed was the “face” of Rang Rasiya’s long run campaign. The brand announced that it actress was the face young children Eid campaign. The entire experience between her and Manal Saleem also happened automatically sheet. Rang Rasiya release an official notice announcing that they have dropped Sana Javed. You are able to, they even shared they make incurred a huge loss too . but they respect public thoughts.

rang rasiya sana javed
Image Source: Instagram/RangRasiya Official

What Happened?

Reports suggest that Manal Saleem took to Myspace to announce Sana Javed’s petty and rude action on a set they were each of those called to. We are presuming this was the same Rang Rasiya shoot where both obtained been called. The makeup akrobat present at the scene shows that Manal Saleem came the first thing is and was getting ready nonetheless Javed came late and thereafter asked Saleem to be ejected.

rang rasiya sana javed
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, she also interrupted Saleem during all her golf shots which is where the fight began. What is even more horrifying was how Javed called his or her manager and called Manal Saleem a “dou takkay ki model”.  

Whatever Has Unfolded Since Then?

After Sana Javed has ostensibly filed an FIR resistant to the concerned parties over a defamation case. She has presented “her side of the story”. Nonetheless does this side of the post even matter when Rencor Javed’s bad attitude being witnessed by so many people standing? Sana Javed also proceeds removing makeup artists concerning the set which goes on to damage their careers.

rang rasiya sana javed
Impression Source: Fashion Central

Involving just shows that Javed maintain a pool of money and time to chase an instance, nothing else. After all, money hints.

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Will Other Brands Do The Equivalent?

Sana Javed is the facial area of many brands as we speak. She actually is currently also a part of the mega-brand Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s advertise. Though she has pursued an instance against others, does this be her innocence?

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