Putin: Russia has ‘nothing to do’ with refugee disaster on Belarus-Poland border

Contrary to what some events allege, Russia just isn’t concerned within the ongoing disaster on the borders between Belarus and a few EU nations, primarily Poland, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated.

“I want everyone to know this. We have absolutely nothing to do with any of this,” Putin vowed, commenting on accusations that Russia was by some means concerned within the ongoing battle between Minsk and EU members.

“They are trying to shift the responsibility to us at the slightest pretext or even without any pretext,” the president remarked. He was referring to claims by some EU officers that Russian flag provider Aeroflot was concerned in transporting individuals from Middle Eastern nations to Belarus earlier than these attempt to enter Poland or Lithuania, presumably to say asylum there. The flights really concerned within the scheme are “charter flights,” Putin stated.

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Putin warns Belarus of major fallout if it cuts off gas to EU

Putin warns Belarus of major fallout if it cuts off gas to EU Putin warns Belarus of major fallout if it cuts off gas to EU

The ongoing border disaster unfolded as tens of hundreds would-be asylum-seekers, most of them from conflict-ridden nations like Iraq and Syria, tried to reach the EU via Belarus this yr. Brussels and a few EU member states accused Minsk of waging a “hybrid war” in opposition to them, utilizing the refugees as pawns.

Belarus has rejected the allegations and blamed the EU for the disaster. Minsk stated European sanctions had left it with too little assets for policing the border as officers centered on extra outstanding threats, like drug trafficking. It denied the accusations that it had orchestrated the disaster.

Putin agreed that trafficking individuals from the Middle East to Europe was an organized enterprise, however urged that the EU ought to look nearer to home for its masterminds.

“The key link is in the EU countries. Those who are located there organize all those chains. Let their law enforcement and security services deal with them if they are violating their laws. But I get the impression that it is rather hard to bring them to account there, because if we look at the national legislation of the European countries, they are not violating anything,” he stated.

Putin expressed hope that the EU and Belarus handle to beat their variations and negotiate a workable answer to the issue. He stated he was sympathetic to the plights of the asylum-seekers and regretted that considerations for his or her wellbeing appear to have been sidelined amid the confrontation between Belarus and its neighbors.

“Honestly, when I watch that, I first of all feel empathy for the children,” Putin stated.

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