Protests in Iraq over performance cuts

JEDDAH:   Demonstrators in the southern Iraqi province of Basra stuffed roads on Monday at protests over power sizes and shapes that left many free of electricity in 50C extreme temperatures.

People loved the streets and scorched tires, blocking the main street to the provincial capital. In the meantime followers of powerful Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr continuing a sit-in outside the Iraqi parliament building to necessitate early elections. Demonstrators appearing in Basra said they reinforced Sadr’s protest and enjoying tired of government corruption.

“It’s not at first we protest and it would not be the last, ” claims Ali Hussein, 35. “We support him, and we wonder that he punish the ruthless. ”

All protests began after the fall of the electricity grid while six southern provinces thanks to excessive demand amid great heat. Basra Gov. Asaad Al-Eidani said the latest cuts are already due to a fire at a ability station.

Into the holy city of Najaf, the new weapons depot belonging to the Iran-backed Hashd Al-Shaabi network involved with paramilitary groups exploded in the heat.


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