Pret A Manger Staff Receive Third Pay Increase in 12 Months

Coffee chain Pret A Manger is set to give its staff their third pay rise in 12 months, following other firms in boosting wages in response to a labour shortage. The rise, which will begin in April, amounts to a 19% increase in basic pay for shop staff year-on-year. This follows similar moves by other retailers, such as Tesco, who have raised wages by 7% in the past 10 months. Aldi and Lidl have also announced pay bumps.

The UK has been facing a shortage of workers due to long-term sickness after the pandemic and a lack of foreign workers to fill available roles. This, combined with the rising cost of living, has meant many staff are seeking better paying jobs. This has led to widespread staff walkouts and strikes in sectors such as rail, nursing and teaching.

In response to this, Pret A Manger said its baristas will be among “the highest paid in the industry”, able to earn up to £11.80 to £14.10 based on location and experience. For entry level staff, this amounts to a 15% pay rise year-on-year. Around 7,870 Pret A Manger staff were given pay rises in April and December 2022.

Guy Meakin, Pret A Manger’s interim managing director said: “As the cost of living continues to rise, we hope this latest increase in pay, and our expanded benefits package, goes some way in providing further support for our hardworking teams.”

The move comes after Pret A Manger received complaints in February after it announced it would stop making smoothies, frappes and milkshakes, which can be more expensive and take longer to make. Overall inflation, the rate at which prices rise, is currently at 10.1%.

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