Pressures prompted on Pakistan to consider Israel as a state

Regarding Israel, Pakistan is being under pressure to maintain it's the position, instigated by the US because of the strong impact of Israel upon the US

“I have no second thought to recognize Israel unless there is a just settlement, which satisfies Palestinians,” said Khan to local media, referring to our great founding father, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who repeatedly had refused to recognize Israel. In accordance with that statement, Khan’s wheeling and dealing seem to be following primarily the footsteps of Jinnah vis-à-vis Palestine specifically as Jinnah’s assertion was:

“No headway could be made in this regard unless Palestinians were given their due rights”

But his statement becomes quite shaky when he promulgated that some countries were pressurizing him to recognize Israel which he then cleared that unless there was a clear justice for the Arab side, recognition of a Zionistic state was off the table for the Pakistanis. As Israel manages its full course diplomatic relations with two of its Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan, signing the peace treaties 1979 and 1994 respectively.

Then, in 2020, Israel signed various agreements establishing clear cut diplomatic relationships with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, the other two Arab countries as well, says that Arab World has some soft corner for them with reference to past time strategies.

Similarly, if we make a catharsis from the past series of events, we also find that the pressure, in a sense, was particularly more in Trumps’ stint about Pakistan. As we are well-aware with the fact that Israel has a very deep influence on the USA, which in turn has a profound sway on Pakistan’s stability configurations. So, that factor also appeared to be the pressurizing agent as well. Going with the words of Khan; “The pressure is because of Israel’s deep impact on the US.”

By declaring that sort of critical arguments, Khan not only assured that Pakistan is somehow in pressure in order to make its position stable all-around globally, as the USA is a superpower but also cleared that

“Let us stand on our own feet in terms of the economy first”

By producing the crux of the matter that the only thing which liberates us from that pressure is to make our roots strong, powerful and stable. As the United Nations have 193 member states. Of those, 162 (84%) recognize Israel and 138 (72%) recognize the State of Palestine. Hence, Israel encounters diplomatic relations with 162 countries out of the other 192 are the UN member states as of October 2020.

Pressure pertaining to the shifting of the Arab world

As without the implicit approval of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain could not step ahead revealing us that the consular acknowledgement of Israel by two prominent Gulf countries marked an obvious shift in the Arabian Peninsula. That urged various Pakistani commentators to wonder about whether Islamabad might follow the suit or not.

Actually, Pakistan’s principled stance on Israel stemmed from the historic position taken by the Muslim world, particularly by the Arab countries, who for decades championed the Palestinian cause. So here logically a question rises that why Pakistan will refuse to tie a formal knot with Israel based on Arab-Israel conflict when Arab countries, themselves, are fostering a fine relationship towards Israel? Hence, that clear shift in the Arab world’s approach in recent years with the United Arab Emirates recently, striking a historic accord with Israel, establishing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

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There are reports suggesting that Saudi Arabia would eventually also recognize Israel but before that Riyadh, reportedly wanted other Muslim countries including Pakistan to soften its stance towards Israel. This recognition of Israel without certain settlement results in raising a question on Pakistan’s stance on the long-lasting occupied Jammu& Kashmir dispute with India as well.

Moreover, Pakistan’s perspective of referring itself a ‘flag-bearer’ of Muslims, its present authoritarian political values and its leaders’ persistent inability to redefine Pakistan’s nationalism in positive terms have all erected formidable barriers in order to make decisions relevant to rational foreign policy.

Consequently,No’ to collaborate with Israel is a prime illustration of this. Despite fast variant political and economic grounds, it seemed that Pakistan is unable to perceive that the Muslim world has already lost its appetite for conducting collective leverage to bear on the dire Palestine issue. They are just pursuing their material groundwork for broader normalization purpose in the future course and that’s what Pakistan is unwilling to realize that unfolding regarding Arab World. As Middle East institute wrote that:

Momentum for normalization between Israel and the Muslim world has been built for decades.

However, if we glance over the backdrop, we see that

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has been openly supportive for his country establishing diplomatic ties with Israel,

And so it was

“It was our own Erdogan, whom PM Khan seeks to please with his anti-Israel rhetoric, who facilitated a landmark meeting between Pakistan’s foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri and his Israeli counterpart Silvan Shalom in 2005.”

Which then greatly criticized by several Islamic parties of Pakistan. But it is to be noted that Israel was not in bad terms with us at all as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in early 2018, on an official trip to India, brushed aside the Israel views regarding Pakistan, saying;

 “We [Israel] are not an enemy of Pakistan and Pakistan should not be our enemy either.”

Discerning that Pakistan should revisit its policy towards Israel and consider it once again. Although, the emerging nexus between the USA, Israel and India that poses a great threat to the Muslim world, this is the time to accept that pressure. In the world of tremendous progression endowed with the law of might is right, we also have to count upon the things that are beneficial to us practically till we make our rhizomes stable. That’s the only way to survive in this post-modern world of glamour and power.

The US as a right hand of Israel and source of pressure 

As the US is a prominent ingredient of the Israeli community, Pakistan is suffering a great pressure to choose its side finally. It was on this decision Pakistan’s telegraph of economy genuinely based. Going with the words of U.S DEPARTMENT OF STATE:

The United States of America was the first country to recognize Israel as a state in 1948 and the first to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017. Israel has long been, and remains, US’ most reliable partner in the Middle East.”

Hence, a lot of military assistance is provided to Israel by the USA also. Similarly, Pakistan having a bilateral and multifaceted relationship with the USA, forcing it to develop a smooth relationship with Israel, setting some tensions in the air. These tractions become more intense in the realm of Trump especially as a recent survey found about Trump that:

Israelis favour the incumbent by an almost 45 per cent margin.”

It is in Trump’s administration that the US is trying to expose itself as an honest broker between Palestine-Israel conflicts when everyone had known about the fact that it was anything. It’s the counselling of Trump’s administration in the past course that urges various territories to pick up their sides and so then execute their geopolitical strategies afterwards. But unfortunately, according to The Times:

“A trend that started under the reign of  President Barack Obama and is one of the legacies of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Allowing that, for many Muslim countries worried about Iran, having a strong military ally like Israel in the neighbourhood (and one with its own direct line to Washington policymakers) that largely share their geopolitical concerns about Tehran a necessity.

But Pakistan premier describing the role of Pakistan in that verdict assert that Joe Biden’s administration should recognize the fact that ISRAEL IS THE REAL PROBLEM not with Afghanistan (Muslim Country) clearing the ongoing policy of Washington towards Afghanistan that there will be no change in it.

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Similarly, Pakistan is now trying his best to play as a neutral agent and avoiding this predicament by suppressing the pressure as best it can. But it is to be noted that this scheme of repression is not long-lasting as it is mandatory in order to survive in global captivity to choose his side either this or that.

Future demand for pressure

Pakistan is a Muslim country and with all intents and purposes being a Muslim we cannot accept the violation of Muslim rights in any part of the country as no matter how that be powerful and dominant. Morally, we can never think upon the idea of normalization with Israel because of its clenching attitude towards Muslims (Palestine). But the point of concern is that ‘Were we able to uplift the poundage of its resistance when half of the world was with Israel including the US merely a world power?’ It is said that:

U.S.-Pakistan trade in 2019 stood at $6.5 billion, with Pakistan running a modest surplus of $1.3 billion. The United States has been one of the top investors in Pakistan over the last two decades, with major U.S. investments concentrated in consumer goods.”

We belonged to the country whose stability got badly affected even within the three months of lockdown so how we’ll embrace that opposition which has not even any specific limitations of since when it finished? Hence, it’s better to make the country open for some Israel trafficking by now in order to linger in Darwin’s world of survival of the fittest. This is the only way to remain standstill since the country will acquire some authorization and get its roots penetrated in the deep soil of the world along with the license of power as well.

During the 2000s, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that the increasing influence of the European Union would further isolate Israel in global affairs” shows that we do not only have insecurities but also Israel also had, endowed with the game of compromises on both sides.