PM Imran Khan has grown stronger amid opposition’s time wasting activities

The people of Pakistan are with PM Imran Khan because they see him as 'the last hope of Pakistan' as they have tried every party - no wonder why the hashtags like #IamSelectorOfPMIK start to trend on social media.

PM Imran Khan has grown strong, and he is going nowhere. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has made great achievement fighting the COVID-19 which makes us believe that PTI may win next election too. It is now certain that the opposition will fight the next election against PTI from one platform.

Nevertheless, the opposition will not win. Politics in Pakistan has become irrelevant. Thus Pakistanis need not waste their time and energy listening to opposition. Like always, Pakistan will start hearing the dates on which the government or PM Khan’s chair will collapse.

the opposition will gain nothing out of its new movement

Among major achievements, PM Khan’s achievement of management of COVID-19 and lockdown driven economic crisis has made him stronger. Even though PM Khan did not do much to contain COVID-19, he is being given the credit. Although, he did lay out his strategy to save poor people during the lockdowns. His target was to save the countrymen from unemployment and not from the virus.

The threat of an economical crash amid lockdown

PM Imran Khan was not in favour of lockdown because he believed the poor will suffer and the economy will again crash. It was only when the Peoples Party-led Sindh government announced a strict policy to curtail the virus then PTI led governments in Punjab & KP announced lockdown.

For the following month since 15 March was the only time virus was being curtailed in a true sense as the lockdown was effective. After the lockdown was converted into the so-called smart lockdown there was no strategy targeting the virus. All the areas with smart lockdowns were open and people were easily moving. So there was no such thing as smart lockdown and no such thing was done to contain the coronavirus.

PM khan backed by the Almighty’s and military support

It is clear that neither the Pakistanis follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) nor the government imposed any stricter policies against the virus. One thing may explain Pakistan’s success story; the mid-March to mid-April lockdown could be so effective that major outbreaks failed to take place.

However, rural Pakistan where 60 per cent of the population lives was open during this period. Therefore, this theory also fails to explain which leaves us with only one explanation that Allah (SWT) is with PM Imran Khan.

It is not only God but also the military establishment which is with PM Imran Khan. The twitter handle of Director General Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) tweeted that the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) upholds PM Khan’s vision of progress. On every forum, civil and military leadership seems to cooperate; perhaps this is the best period for strong civil-military relations with Pakistan.

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Furthermore, the opposition parties in the Senate and then in the joint session of parliament proved that they are not in favour of Pakistan leaving the FATF grey list. The parliament session, however, makes us believe that Pakistan will run without the support of the opposition. The frustrated and helpless opposition will try their best to malign the Generals Headquarter (GHQ). As a result, opposition parties will drag themselves further away from the ‘iqtadaar.’

Major economic and military deals to come

PTI led government has led Pakistan out of economic crisis and due to successful pandemic management textile exports have grown by 15 per cent during the last month. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping may bring major economic and military deals that will help generate jobs in the country and strengthen Pakistan’s position in the international arena. We may expect the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s long march on the same date when the Chinese Premier may land in Islamabad. It will refresh memories of PM Khan’s dharna blocking President XI’s visit in 2014.

Moreover, the people of Pakistan are with PM Imran Khan because they see him as ‘the last hope of Pakistan’ as they have tried every party – no wonder why the hashtags like #IamSelectorOfPMIK start to trend on social media.

Predictable politics in Pakistan 

Lastly, the reason why I believe politics has become irrelevant is that politics have become very predictable in Pakistan. Parties lose elections and refuse to accept the government unless some concessions are given on the accountability of the losing parties. If the ruling party refuses to give upon accountability; the opposition announces to lodge protests.

Comes the next elections, if the ruling party fails to perform it is voted out. Other parties reject elections and call elections as ‘selection.’ Losers weepers; finders keepers – the cycle continues. Now you can stop wasting time on politics and start discussing policy issues of the country.

To conclude, the opposition will gain nothing out of its new movement.