Pak-China poverty eradication by setting up a platform

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On Tuesday, Dr. Sania Nishthar, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant and Nong Rong, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, had a meeting in which they discussed an outline Memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding Pak-China poverty eradication plan. The secretary of poverty alleviation and social safety division (PASSD) Muhammad Ali Shahzada, also attended the meeting. the MoU is being built up between Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and PASSD.

Dr. Sania’s media address

Dr. Sania conversed to media saying, “we are finalizing the MoU detailing, which will give both countries a chance to get benefit by sharing experiences in poverty extermination. This collaboration will help Pakistan to take advantage in poverty extermination through China’s experience and to spread lessons from Ehsas, a distinctive multi sectorial reach to deal with poverty. China Pakistan economic corridor   is not only an exceptional affirmation of our proven friendship, but also an absolute context for socio-economic development which will grant to raise people and taking them out of poverty.”

Dr. Sania congratulated Nong Rong for being selected as China’s Ambassador. She also congratulated Muhammad Ali Shahzada for being appointed at secretary of PASSD. Furthermore, she congratulated China on its remarkable achievement of exterminating 770 million people out of poverty in forty years, hoping further for the success of Pak-China poverty eradication objective.
China has been struggling to run faster in the race of developing countries and to raise their people, and help them getting out of extreme state of poverty.

Prime Minister’s felicitation and expectations for Pak-China poverty alleviation objective

One 28th February, Prime minister Imran Khan also congratulated China on achievement of eradication of poverty. He said in his tweet, “I want to congratulate President Xi Jinping & the Chinese government for the momentous achievement of eradicating extreme poverty in their country. Never before in history have 750 million people been taken out of extreme poverty in a span of 35 years.”

Prime Minister hoped and expected to achieve this success in Pakistan by taking positive ways and lessons by China’s struggle through Pak-China poverty eradication plan. He said in his tweet, “For developing countries like Pakistan, there are lessons to be learnt. With determination and commitment we can do the same for our people.”
On last Thursday, President Xi Jinping announced a complete success of exterminating poverty among 770 million people in last forty years which he stated as another miracle to be creating history.
The prime minister addressed in a gathering held to appreciate the astounding achievement by country and tribute to the poverty fighters, “It has not been possible for any other country to take thousands of people out of poverty in such a short time.”

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