Khabib’s outspoken UFC career from beginning till end

A globally-renowned Muslim hero has paved his steps towards his massive success. Khabib's outspoken UFC career was filled with thrilling adventures.

Muslims throughout the globe has achieved many milestones in every field of life by their attire hard work and proved themselves intellectual and hardworking in previous several centuries in physical and co-curricular grounds. A tale related to a renowned athlete name as Khabib Nurmagomedov is a retired Russian mixed martial artist. A globally-renowned Muslim hero has paved his steps towards his massive success. Khabib’s outspoken UFC career was filled with thrilling adventures.

Beginning of Khabib’s outspoken UFC career

Khabib was born and grew up in a non-Muslim state. He used to fight with bears when he was a kid. He was prominent by his faith as a Muslim and he started his career as a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) in his childhood. As a Muslim martial artist, he has awakened the whole Muslim community across the globe by his mastered skill in mixed martial arts. He has defeated top contender named as Justin Gaethje on a massive level.

Throughout Khabib’s outspoken UFC career, he won the support of his late father named as Abdulmanap. His father, during his son’s childhood, was of the opinion to initiate his career as a mixed martial artist and he should be on the top record on a global level. By managing his late father’s dream he truly focused on boxing and today he won the best mixed martial championship awards across the globe as UFC 254.

Playlist of Khabib’s fights

Focusing on his father’s dream

After his father’s death, he continued his late father’s dream and focused on his skills. He was a man of discipline, true spirit and technical excellence. He leaned these technical skills from his father in his childhood by full courage and enthusiasm.

Nurmagomedov was an active mixed martial artist of age 32 years. His first fight in 13 months would be an appropriate farewell for one of the most dynamic competitors in recent MMA history. He stopped Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier in next two bouts before his year-long absence from competition.

Throughout Khabib Nurmagomedov’s career, he fought 29 fights. With his tireless efforts and staunch determination, he did not lose a single fight.

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The youth of the Muslim world should be aware of these shining stars because they are raising the name of Muslims on the top Global order. As education is also very important across the globe but as well as physical and co-curricular activities are also of equal importance for attaining growth for a healthy mind.

Mental health grows in positive pathways by initiating physical and mental games by regular routine cycle. In Pakistan, there is lack of these activities through which most of the individuals are facing mental and physical health issues.

Athletes, an inspiration for Muslims across the globe

A sound body has a sound mind. The young generation of the Muslim world should acquire awareness from these types of athletes to engage themselves in positive activities. In previous decades many female athletes have secured top positions from International forums in the Muslim world by competing Western and Europeans on massive grounds.

In the West and Europe, there are many opportunities for the young generation. However, in Pakistan, there is a mixture of politics in every field of life that’s why our pupils are not succeeding on global level on massive grounds. There should be the elimination of politics especially in co-curricular activities so our young generation is capable of moving forward to compete on international grounds.

Government’s liability to uplift talented individuals

Like Khabib there are many a number of individuals who are mastered with a plethora of skills in every sphere of life, so it’s the liability of the government to take an eye on these critical issues to take a step further by paving steps in the global world order.

If I shed light on Pakistan, we are excelled at south Asian and Asian level but we have now initiated this determination by conquering all obstacles and moving forward to join the global world order. By thinking out of the box we have to compete in every sphere of life by following on the footsteps of our heroes of renowned Muslim World.