Oracle Stock Surges on Deals with Tech Giants, Despite Earnings Miss | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Rise of Oracle: Fourth-Quarter Earnings and Cloud Infrastructure Deals


Oracle, a global technology company, recently reported its fourth-quarter earnings and revenue, which fell short of analysts’ expectations. However, the company made significant strides in the cloud infrastructure space with major deals involving industry giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google. Let’s delve into the details of Oracle’s latest financial performance and strategic partnerships that are shaping its future.

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Oracle’s Fourth-Quarter Performance

For the fiscal fourth quarter of 2024, Oracle reported revenue of $14.29 billion, representing a 3% increase from the same period the previous year. Despite this growth, the revenue figures missed analysts’ estimates compiled by Visible Alpha. The net income for the quarter stood at $3.14 billion, translating to earnings of $1.11 per share. However, both net income and earnings declined from the comparable period in the prior year and failed to meet analysts’ projections.

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Financial Comparison

Q4 FY24 Analyst Estimates for Q4 FY24 Q4 FY23
Revenue $14.29 billion $14.57 billion $13.84 billion
Diluted Earnings Per Share $1.11 $1.17 $1.19
Net Income $3.14 billion $3.31 billion $3.32 billion

Strategic Partnerships in Cloud Infrastructure

Despite the mixed financial results, Oracle made significant announcements regarding partnerships in the cloud infrastructure space. The company revealed collaborations with Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google Cloud to enhance its offerings and expand its market reach.

Oracle partnered with Microsoft and OpenAI to extend Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure AI, to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This partnership aims to provide additional capacity for OpenAI’s AI initiatives, enabling them to scale their operations effectively.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed excitement about working with Microsoft and Oracle, emphasizing the potential for growth and innovation in the AI space. Oracle CEO Safra Catz highlighted the surge in demand for training AI models in the Oracle Cloud, leading to record-breaking sales contracts in the recent quarters.

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Oracle also inked a deal with Google to interconnect their clouds and build 12 OCI data centers within the Google Cloud infrastructure. This collaboration is expected to enhance the availability of Oracle’s database services within the Google Cloud platform, offering customers more options and flexibility.

Market Response and Future Outlook

Following the announcement of these strategic partnerships and cloud infrastructure deals, Oracle’s stock price surged over 9% in extended trading, reaching $135.25 per share. The market response reflects investor confidence in Oracle’s growth prospects and its ability to capitalize on emerging technologies like AI and cloud computing.

Looking ahead, Oracle anticipates continued momentum in its cloud business, with expectations of accelerated growth in subsequent quarters as OCI capacity aligns with increasing demand. The company’s focus on expanding its cloud offerings and forging key partnerships positions it well for sustained success in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.


Oracle’s fourth-quarter performance may have fallen short of expectations in terms of financial metrics, but its strategic moves in the cloud infrastructure space have garnered significant attention and market appreciation. By leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google Cloud, Oracle is poised to drive innovation, expand its market presence, and deliver value to customers in the AI and cloud computing domains.

As Oracle continues to navigate the dynamic tech landscape, its focus on cutting-edge technologies and strategic collaborations underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital transformation. With a strong foundation and a clear vision for the future, Oracle is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the years to come.

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