Operation Christmas Drop: ‘Real Military Tradition’ on Netflix 

‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is produced by Steve McGlothen and directed by Martin Wood. To give you the best holiday experience possible they put real efforts into it.

As we all know, the winter festive season is near. Christmas is approaching and people are highly anticipating some kinda party stuff and good memories to cherish. Netflix also has a big line-up of movies to release one by one and don’t miss a chance to give viewers a gift, they watch from time to time. ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ a tender serving of Netflix to light up your festive season.

Operation Christmas Drop: The Plot

‘Netflix original movie’ has become its own type of genre and it is expanding every year. Lots of choices are given on the platform be it Netflix thriller, Netflix mystery, or Netflix romance.

This year one such film is the Netflix winter film ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ released on the 5th of November. It’s a tropical holiday rom-com.

The film centres around a tradition called ‘Christmas drop’. Very few of you know that this is a real humanitarian mission carried out by the US military every year. This service started in 1952.

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‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is a quippery type of rom-com starring ‘Kat Graham’ as Erica Miller and ‘Alexander Ludwig’ as Andrew Jantz, set in the backdrop of Guam island. Erica is an icy, bold, and professionally stifled kind of girl who is given an order to evaluate the performance of the US air force base in Guam by her damper boss.

There she met Andrew who was the Alpha man of the project and a cordial Air Force captain. Whom she goes toe to toe with to help contribute to the mission. Where gifts are parachuted to people on the neighbouring islands. This was all to convince the local mayor to help American altruism. By the end of the film, the viewers will get to see the exceptional chemistry of ‘Graham’ and ‘Andrew’. Moreover, Erica’s assignment might be terminated in the indulgence of holiday miracles.

‘Operation Christmas Drop’: The creatives 

‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is produced by Steve McGlothen and directed by Martin Wood. To give you the best holiday experience possible they put real efforts into it. While the romance is fictional in it the tradition is real and so the locations used in the film are also real. In an interview with stars and stripes director ‘Wood’ said that “There is no way to build an Air Force base for a movie—you just have to move onto one.”

So, if viewers think it’s a set where sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are created you are mistaken folks!

Almost the entire film is shot at Andresen Air Force Guam location. Making it one major Hollywood production film that is shot there providing a chance to the actor and other crew to use air force aircraft and the navy provided two helicopters and ships to film the sequences.

The producer Steeve McGlothen said in a statement, “There is nothing faked and no green screen in the movie. If you see it, it happened.”

‘Operation Christmas Drop’: A Christmas Treat

This film serves the idea of a perfect rom-com and a holiday movie where you’ll get to see amazing visuals, heartwarming sequels, and perfect chemistry among the leads a perfect mild Christmas treat amid the breakout of a deadly pandemic. However, this movie is predictable to a fault and doesn’t help with enough energy to light up their Christmas tree. Overall, this film has lost the idea to honour the air force more and shifted on one side causing this Christmas plane to crash.

‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is now available on Netflix!