Opens Foreign Trips, Biden warns Russia Destructive Acts

US President Joe Biden opens foreign trips begun his first official abroad tour by warning Russia that engaging in “destructive acts” will result in “strong and serious” consequences.

Following tense relations during the Trump administration, Mr Biden made it plain that he intends to rebuild connections with US allies.

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden landed in the United Kingdom.

He’ll meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss a new “Atlantic Charter.”

The agreement will be a modernized version of the 1941 agreement reached between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, with an emphasis on issues such as climate change and security.

Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor, believes the two are attempting to rekindle a vital friendship following the upheaval of the Trump years and the strains of the pandemic.

Participate in conferences or meet important personalities of the world

Mr. Biden opens foreign trips will see the Queen at Windsor Castle, attend a G7 leaders’ conference, and attend his first Nato summit as president during an eight-day European trip.

Mr. Biden will see Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva at the end of his tour.

According to the White House, he plans to discuss a “wide range of important topics” with his Russian counterpart, including arms control, climate change, Russian military engagement in Ukraine, Russia’s cyber-hacking activities, and the imprisonment of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

On Wednesday, a Moscow court declared three organizations affiliated to MrNavalny to be “extremist.”

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Mr Biden told US troops and their families on Wednesday at the RAF Mildenhall airbase in Suffolk, where he landed before heading to Cornwall, that he would send Mr. Putin a strong message.

“We are not looking for a fight with Russia,” he stated. We want a stable and predictable relationship, but I’ve made it clear that if the Russian government engages in destructive activities, the US will respond forcefully and meaningfully.

Over a range of problems, relations between Washington and Moscow are at an all-time low. Mr Putin accused Western nations of attempting to “pick on” Russia in April and cautioned them against crossing a “red line.”

Mr. Biden said he intended to make it clear “at every stage” during his first abroad trip as president that “the United States is back” and that “the world’s democracies are standing together to tackle the greatest challenges and concerns that matter most to our future.”

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Other G7 (Group of Seven) leaders are expected to arrive in Cornwall, south-west England, on Friday, for meetings over the weekend.

Which countries are partners in the G7?

The G7 is made up of the world’s seven largest “advanced economies” – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States – as well as the European Union.

Covid recovery will be the main topic of discussion, as well as “a stronger global health system that can safeguard us all from future pandemics.”

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Boris Johnson stated the G7 would “begin the framing of a new global treaty on pandemic preparation so the world is never caught out in the same way again” in a piece for the Times.

Over the next two years, the Biden administration wants to provide 500 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to around 100 countries.