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The Rise of Nvidia: Surpassing Microsoft as the World’s Most Valuable Company


Nvidia, the AI chipmaker, made headlines on Tuesday as its shares rose 3.5%, catapulting its market value above both Microsoft and Apple for the first time. This surge in market capitalization comes on the heels of a relentless rally driven by booming demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and the chips that power it.

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Nvidia’s Ascendancy

Since October 2022, Nvidia’s market capitalization has increased tenfold, fueled by the release of ChatGPT, which sparked the AI frenzy that has gripped markets for over a year and a half. The company’s meteoric rise can be attributed to its transformation from a leading maker of graphics processing units for gaming computers to the undisputed leader in the market for AI semiconductors.

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at a news conference in Taipei, Taiwan, on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.
Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images – Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at a news conference in Taipei, Taiwan, on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

Nvidia Surpasses Microsoft

On Tuesday, Nvidia surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company, with a market value exceeding $3.335 trillion. This milestone comes as Microsoft’s market cap dipped slightly to $3.317 trillion. Nvidia’s ascent to the top spot underscores the growing importance of AI and semiconductor technology in driving market value.

Market Cap Milestones

Nvidia’s journey to the pinnacle of corporate valuation has been remarkable. The company became only the seventh U.S. firm to achieve a market capitalization of over $1 trillion in May of last year. Subsequently, it crossed the $2 trillion mark in February after surpassing earnings estimates. Just 96 days later, Nvidia reached the $3 trillion milestone earlier this month, underscoring its rapid growth trajectory.

Future Prospects

Nvidia’s recent unveiling of its next-generation AI system, named Rubin, has further bolstered investor confidence in the company. The Rubin platform is set to be released in 2026 and is expected to outperform the Blackwell platform unveiled earlier this year. Additionally, positive developments in the AI infrastructure sector and strong earnings reports from industry peers have contributed to the overall optimism surrounding Nvidia.

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Nvidia’s ascent to become the world’s most valuable company is a testament to its leadership in AI semiconductor technology. The company’s exponential growth in market capitalization reflects the increasing demand for AI-driven solutions across various industries. As Nvidia continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, its position at the forefront of the AI revolution seems secure.

Update—June 18, 2024: This article was updated to reflect Nvidia and Microsoft’s market capitalizations as of the market close on Tuesday.

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