Nightbirde stated, Lynchburg influenced her musical career

Nightbirde was interviewed by 10 News after her golden buzzer moment. Jane Marczewski, a Liberty University graduate, had an incredible golden buzzer moment during her America’s Got Talent audition.

The 30-year-old spoke with 10 News via Zoom on Wednesday morning, and she said the location influenced who she is now. Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage as Nightbri8de, strolled onto the “America’s Got Talent” stage with a lighthearted smile and an even sweeter voice.

However, after a dreadful breast cancer diagnosis, this woman has been carrying a tremendous burden for several years.

β€œI only have a 2% chance of surviving, but 2% is not zero. β€œ2% is something, and I wish people realized how incredible it is,” Marczewski added.

The judges were blown away by her perspective when faced with the seemingly unattainable, on top of her musical skills.

This time, the impossible thing that I’m experiencing is an impossibly good thing, and I’ve always believed that something like this could happen, and I believe that’s why I’m here, so it feels like such redemption and such a full-circle moment to be able to experience something so incredible, said Marczewski.

How did he become an instrumentalist?

She’s from Ohio, but while at Liberty University, she began performing and composing. Lynchburg and that part of Virginia, with those magnificent mountains, is where I really found myself and my voice, and it was really a launching pad for me, and I’ll be eternally grateful for that, said Marczewski. If I hadn’t started my music career in Lynchburg, I’m not sure where I would be now.

She performed an original song, β€œIt’s Okay,” which she said she created with a message she needed to hear. Other individuals stepped in and carried that flag for me when I didn’t have the creativity to create a better world and future for myself. I’m here because of those who believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, and I hope to be that for millions of people,” Marczewski added.

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Cancer has spread, according to Marczewski’s January scan. She does, however, want to appear on stage for the August live shows of “America’s Got Talent.”

What is June’s narrative, aka Nightbirde?

Nightbirde is a 30-year-old cancer patient from Ohio. Her original track “It’s Okay” detailed her life in the previous year, her path as a cancer patient, and how she managed it, she told the judges.

Nighbirde also revealed that cancer had progressed to her lungs, spine, and liver the last time she checked.

But then came a lovely melody that left everyone dumbfounded, and the singer received a standing ovation at the end of her performance.

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The judges couldn’t hold back their tears as they praised Nightbirde for her outstanding performance. Heidi said that Nightbirde’s song gave her “chills,” while Howie commented, “That seemed like the most honest thing I’ve heard all season.”

Cowell, who surprised everyone by announcing he was “not going to give a ‘yes’ for her performance,” went on to slam the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows.