New lawsuit launched tied to case of Egyptian minister’s son Ramy Fahim in US

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ANAHEIM: As the trial of Egyptian Minister’s son Ramy Hani Mounir Fahim for the alleged murder of Griffin Coumo and Jonathan Bahm continues, Griffin’s mother Wendy is suing Pence Wealth Management, where both her son and Ramy were employed.

Police allege that Fahim attacked and killed his co-worker, 23-year-old Griffin Cuomo, then killed Cuomo’s roommate, 23-year-old Jonathan Bahm, in their Anaheim apartment on April 19.

The lawsuit claims that Pence Wealth hired Fahim, 27, without conducting a background check and ignored complaints of threatening behavior filed by Griffin and other employees.

“Griffin’s death really is the result of Pence Wealth Management’s negligence and failure to take any steps whatsoever to protect Griffin,” Raymond Bouchet, attorney attached to the case, told Arab News.

“Ramy exhibited extreme mental health issues. He became intimidating, he became harassing. 

“And yet when they took these issues and concerns to Pence, Pence ignored them,” he added.

Central to the suit is an alleged relationship of favors between company president, Laila Pence, and Fahim’s mother, Egyptian Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram.

“Laila and Nabila had a close relationship, and there’s nothing wrong with that on first blush,” Bouchet said.

“When it crosses the line to nepotism, when it results in an employee being hired who’s not qualified or has mental health issues, and the refusal to take any steps to protect people, that’s when it, you know, steps over the line,” he added.

Wendy’s suit also says Pence Wealth allowed Fahim access to Griffin’s address, where Stadium House Apartment Complex security negligently let him wait outside Griffin and roommate Jonathan’s home for six and a half hours.

“She’s seeking primarily justice, but she’s also hoping that in bringing this case, she can honor Griffin, fight for him, and that the result is places like Pence Management and other corporations, take steps to protect coworkers and employees,” Bouchet concluded. 


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