New law against Islamic ‘separatism’ outlined by President Macron

The whole outline provided in the president's Friday speech is to be presented as a law to be implemented in the coming December.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron has announced a new law during his speech on Friday. The law against Islamic ‘separatism’ is to free the Islamic religion in France from ‘foreign influences’.

At the time of delivering the speech, he said, “Our challenge is to fight against those who go off the rails in the name of religion … while protecting those who believe in Islam and are full citizens of the republic.”

According to the law against Islamic separatism, officials would be given legal authority. The authority would relate to the measures to combat terrorism, ‘Radical Islamism’ and to eliminate extremism. The money would be invested to enhance the educational activities pertinent to Islamic culture and civilization. Dealing with housing, poverty and other social problems is the need of the hour.

Under this law, it would also be ensured that the imams of the mosques are well trained and certified from France. A greater control would also be applied on the check and balance of the mosques. Moreover, the president primarily focused on the liberation of French Islam from foreign influences.

Strict rules to be implemented in December

Funding the organisations present within the state is the responsibility of the leader. Therefore, all Islamic organizations to be funded by the state would have to sign a ‘secular charter’ in return. To avoid disbanding, it would be mandatory for the associations to follow the same ideas as of the republic. A greater part of the public fund would be endorsed to promote Islamic research of culture and civilization long with acquiring higher education.

Macron further stated that “The country has been hit by Islamic terrorism since 2012 and we have progressively rearmed against this threat. Radical Islamism has shown a willingness to contravene the laws of the republic, to promote other values … to organise another society.”

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Schooling of a 3-year-old child is a compulsory factor to limit homeschooling from next September. The whole outline provided in the president’s Friday speech is to be presented as a law to be implemented in the coming December.