Netflix rom-com: A bucket full of entertainment amid COVID-19

Netflix rom-com list is at the top priority of the sources to divert the attention of people amid the critical time of the deadly pandemic.

‘With good comes some bad’ we became much familiar with this line amid the Covid-19. And our vulnerable selves are still trying to get used to these circumstances. In these times we had very few sources that actually deserved a standing ovation for their remarkable work to make us smile and give us moments for our memory books. Netflix rom-com list is at the top priority of these sources.

‘Netflix’ you rock! You see what I did there. It’s my kinda appreciation for Netflix’s incredible work. 2020 unarguably was more than tiresome for humanity. Quarantines, economic crises, natural disasters, political melodramas, really blown our minds away. So for the Netflix buds, I suggest sparing a minute and thanking Netflix, who provided us with some winter-cozy romcoms so that we don’t go through much tension.

Netflix streaming platform even launched more holiday line-up of movies this Halloween.

Netflix bar

Netflix for some instances set a bar real high when it comes to jump scare horrors, bone-chilling thrillers, or mind-blowing action flicks. But it really needs to set standards for our ‘too good to be true kind of rom-com’. They aren’t bad though, but really cheesy. And the theory on which the rom-com revolves is ‘true love surmounts all obstacles’ and if you want a cherry on the cake then you have a calm and predictable plot, sweet pickup lines and romance sequences. So, here is our list of Netflix rom-com that is meant to bound you to fall in love, but the choice is yours.


Our first pick is ‘Holidate’ an Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey starring. The film revolves around a woman who lives in Chicago and is desperate to find the right guy. To make matters worse she has an overly interfering mom. And then on a day, Emma met Luke at a mall. They decided to become one another’s ‘holidate’.  In short, they become each other’s ‘platonic plus-ones’ for holidays only. And omg you guessed it right! Do you know what happens next don’t you?

Dash and Lily

This one is a combination of ‘serendipity’ and ‘to all the men I’ve loved before’.

It’s an eight-episode series based on ‘Dash & Lily book of dares’. Austin Abrams and Madori Francis played Dash and Lily respectively. The film is New York town travel with a romance that blossoms between main leads. One who hates Christmas and the other who loves it, both of them use to write their feeling in a red notebook and hide it on remote locations. What will happen when they come across each other?

Operation Christmas Drop

This one is by far a nice film which is loosely based on the US air force mission ‘Operation Christmas drop’.  It’s a tropical Netflix rom-com in which Kat Graham played Erica who is sent on a mission to monitor this operation where she met Air force captain Andrew played by Alexander Ludwig in charge of the operation. They eventually end up together by the end of the film. Which is pretty apparent!

Midnight at the Magnolia

The story is about two childhood friends. Maggie Quinn (Natalie Hall) and Jack Russo (Evan Williams) who co-host their own radio show named “The windy city wake up”. They wanted to thrive rapidly in satellite radio so they lied about being in love and a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve just to get more listeners. The center point is what started with a mere lie turned into a relationship.

A New York Christmas wedding

A Christmas rom-com movies list is incomplete without a guardian angel kind of stuff isn’t it?

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The last film on this list is about a girl Jenny played by Nia Fairweather who hates Christmas because it reminds her of her parents and friends’ death. Then shows up, of course, the guardian angel Azrael who gives him an offer regarding the revisit of her life along with a choice of alternate life where she’ll have her dad by her side but her long term boyfriend and fiancé is dead. What will she do?

It’s your call now folks! which Netflix rom-com did you add in your bucket list? Let us know and comfy wishes to all the streaming friends out there!