Nashville explosion: Marcus Lemonis to donate $250,000

The Nashville blast was an intended act by some anonymous person or some sort of gang. The teams are tirelessly working to find the plot behind the scenes. However, this incident has grabbed the attention of people in the current climate amid the deadliest pandemic situation.

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In a Nashville downtown area, there was a huge explosion on Christmas morning through an RV parked near AT&T transmission building at 166 2nd Avenue North.

Donations for Nashville explosion

Bill Lee, the Tennessee Governor visited the incident area and he was amazed and happy for lives to be saved. He said that he has asked the President of US, Donald Trump to announce an emergency aid in the state. In results, Marcus Lemonis has already donated a reward of a massive amount of $250,000 to those who lead to any motives and people behind the explosion.

He said in a tweet that “we cant have our streets terrorized like this.”

Tissue found near blast spot of Nashville explosion

The police department chief John Drake told on Friday that a tissue sample is found near the incident spot. They‘re not sure about how close the tissue was to the spot and it’s not sure too, whether they belong to humans or not.

Investigation regarding pre-planned explosion

The police is figuring out that the tissue is a human remains found near explosion point in Nashville downtown. The FBI investigators are going in the direction of explosion being a pre-planned act.
Police brought dogs and searched over the area for blasted substances. For the entire weekend, the Nashville area and it’s neighborhood would be kept sealed.
It is doubted that the explosion was meant for some specific area inside the street. There were some communication equipment in the AT&T building. They neither have much workers at the building nor any windows. That is, it looks like a pretty barren building.
Since the RV was parked right in front of the AT&T building.
The recorded camera footage caught the computer voice that was repeatedly asking to evacuate and informing about the explosion. Till it actually exploded.

Scenario on Nashville incident morning

In the morning, at first Residents informed police after hearing gunshots that woke them up nearly at 5:30 a.m. The RV exploded at 6:30 a.m.
Luckily, all residents ran away from the place before the blast. The Metro Nashville police Department reached the spot and took all the residents out of the area.
There were at least 41 business buildings which were affected. Many cars destroyed, the trees burnt and there was Dust and glass everywhere.
The AT&T building was badly affected. The AT&T spokesman Jim Greer informed that, “Company’s network hub and service in Nashville area was badly affected.
It is still unknown that who was behind the intended blast. The police department and it’s federal partners, FBI and ATF will work on the case to figure it out. The necessary questions for police and FBI is that, weather it was the start of blasting series by terrorist attacks or by some single rascal on specific target and grudge.

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