Namibia Genocide: Germany Accept Crimes of Colonial Rule

German federal government acknowledged that colonial crimes against the Herero and Nama tribes in Namibia Genocide.

The German federal government has acknowledged that colonial crimes against the Herero and Nama tribes in Namibia Genocide. The two countries have now agreed on a deal, and Germany is helping with more than 1 billion euros in reconstruction.

German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss said in Berlin:I am pleased and thankful that I was able to agree with Namibia on joint action in the face of the darkest period of our common history.

The German Foreign Minister went on to say that after more than 100 years of German crimes as a colonial power in present-day Namibia, the German federal government recognizes these crimes against the Herero and Nama tribes as genocide.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is scheduled to formally apologize to the people of Namibia while attending a conference of the Namibian parliament.

€ 1.1 billion for development projects

Under the agreement, the German federal government will support the survivors of the victims of this crime by paying more than one billion euros.

Moss added: ‌In honour of the victims of these inhumane crimes, we want to support their survivors in a fundamental € 1.1 billion programs for the reconstruction and development of Namibia.With this amount, all residential construction projects for Hiriro and Nama will be supported for a period of 30 years.

According to the German Foreign Ministry, Namibia has requested assistance in the areas of land reform, land acquisition and development, agriculture, agricultural structures, especially water supply, and internships.At the same time, the German government has emphasized that recognizing these crimes as genocide and creating an aid fund does not mean the right to claim compensation, but a moral-political obligation.

Negotiation period

Earlier, the delegations of the two countries agreed on a joint declaration after five years of negotiations, and the governments of both countries approved it.

The governments of Germany and Namibia have been in talks since 2015 to recognize the Namibian genocide, apologize and pay compensation.

In 2018, Germany returned the remains of a number of victims to Namibia.The skulls of the victims were transported to Germany to be used to prove racist theories of European superiority over Africans and other races.Haiku Moss is scheduled to travel to Namibia to officially sign the declaration.

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Mr Moss said:From an official standpoint, we now call these events what we see from today’s perspective: a genocide.Germany is also setting up a fund to allocate more than 1 billion euros to help Namibia, mainly the survivors of the Nama and Herero tribes.At the same time, this financial aid is not going to open the way for claiming legal compensation for the survivors.

It has previously been reported that other European powers fear that the German-Namibian talks could have a legal precedent and that other victims of the colonial era could claim damages on that basis.

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The country of present-day Namibia was a German colony from 1884 to 1915.The talks of the last five years focused mostly on the events between 1904 and 1908 in the then German colony in South Africa.During the German Empire, led by Lothar von Trotta, between 1848 and 1920, extreme violence was inflicted on the Hiriro tribes and the Namas.

According to historians at the time, about 65,000 of Hiriro’s 80,000 population were killed and at least 10,000 of the 20,000-strong population were killed.