M&S Apologizes for Placing Daffodils Near Vegetables in Store

Marks & Spencer has recently come under fire for a display in one of its stores which saw daffodils placed alongside spring onions in the fruit and veg aisle. Botanist and presenter James Wong drew attention to the display on Twitter, warning that eating daffodils can be dangerous. An M&S spokesperson apologised for the “genuine error” and said they had contacted the store to update the signage and move the onions.

The incident highlights the potential danger of daffodil bulbs, which are widely sold in supermarkets at this time of year. Public Health England wrote to retailers in 2015 warning about the consequences if there was a mix-up with how they are labelled. It said they contain toxic alkaloids which can cause severe vomiting, noting 27 poisoning cases in the previous year. Mr Wong said the error was originally spotted by his mum, and that the poisoning caused by accidentally eating them can be “excruciating”.

In 2012, 10 people were hospitalised in Bristol due to daffodil poisoning, believed to have been caused by their similarity to a chive used in Chinese cooking. As a precaution, M&S has reminded all stores to make sure the flowers are displayed properly and that all daffodils have an on-pack warning that they are not safe to consume.

M&S has apologised for the incident and is taking steps to ensure that similar errors do not occur again. They have contacted the store in question to update the signage and move the onions, as well as reminding all stores to make sure the flowers are displayed properly. Customer safety is their priority and they are taking extra measures to ensure that customers are aware of the potential danger of consuming daffodils.