Mission Impossible 7 Production Halts due to Positive Covid

Production on “Mission Impossible 7” has been halted due to a positive Covid test, months after movie star Tom Cruise was reportedly caught reprimanding staff members for breaking social distancing regulations.

In a statement to CNN, Paramount Pictures, which is producing the latest film in the Cruise franchise, did not say who on the set had tested positive. “Due to positive coronavirus test results during routine testing, we have temporarily paused work on Mission: Impossible 7 until June 14th,” the statement stated. We’re following all safety procedures and will continue to keep an eye on things.

Filming had not just begun

Filming in Italy was temporarily halted due to the pandemic in February 2019, but resumed in October. The Sun, a British publication, captured and published audio tapes of Cruise purportedly berating two staff members who were supposedly standing within six feet of the other in December. We are the gold standard in the industry “In the audio recording attributed to Tom Cruise by The Sun, he can be heard saying.”Because of us, they’re back in Hollywood shooting movies right now! They believe in us and what we’re doing because they believe in us.

Cruise’s representatives have been approached for comment by CNN. The film is set to hit theaters in May 2022.

Filming and production on Mission Impossible 7 continue in the UK and now, according to the latest movie and TV news, the filming and production process of this spy action movie has stopped again. Sources in the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that at least one member of the production team tested positive for coronavirus, halting the filming and production of the seventh instalment of Mission Impossible in the UK.

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Mission Impossible 7 goes through a long filming and production process In fact, the production process of this action movie had started in February 1998, when the Coronavirus shut it down for several months Earlier, a behind-the-scenes audio file of the new episode of Mission Impossible was released in which actor Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise, criticized the production team for not following health protocols.

Tom Cruise looks angry after stopping filming

In a news item that angered Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures announced that production on Mission Impossible 7 would be temporarily halted due to a positive corona test.

The news came immediately after the release of an audio file of Tom Cruise on stage, in which the actor was angry and upset due to non-compliance with health protocols by one of the agents. In this file, Cruz’s face tells the person in question, “If you do this again, you will be fired!”

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According to Paramount Pictures, the production of the seventh instalment of Mission Impossible 7 will stop by June 14. Apparently, one of the usual tests of the project – which is done on a daily basis – is the result of one of the positive factors, but the name of this person has not been determined yet.

Mission Impossible 7, directed by Christopher McCurry, is a sequel to Mission Impossible: Fallout. It is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2022.