Marcus Rashford : England Vs Germany Euro 2020 Final

Marcus Rashford, who revealed he was suffering from injuries after United's Europa League final loss to Villarreal last month, is unsure how long he will be sidelined if he undergoes surgery.

Marcus Rashford has challenged England to make history by defeating Germany in the Euro 2020 final 16 with a memorable victory.

Old enemies of the British

England has had plenty of heartbreak in tournaments against their old enemies, but there is a feeling in the camp that they will be free of mental baggage when they meet Joachim Löw’s team. Most of the players are too young to recall their manager, Gareth Southgate, missing the game-winning penalty against Germany in the Euro 96 semi-final, and Rashford believes it is critical that they show no fear at Wembley on Tuesday.

The England striker stated, “We are being put in a position where we are lucky to be part of that history.” Our first goal is to win the game, and if we do, it will go down in history. For many years, that is how great teams are remembered. It’s pointless to be afraid of the past. You won’t be able to modify it later. We may influence the outcome of the following game by putting ourselves in the greatest possible position to win.

Jordan Henderson echoed Rashford’s appeal for bravery in England. We have a young group, but that can be a good thing, according to the vice-captain. Many of these young men simply go out and play, enjoying the game and playing without fear. That is exactly what they must do once more.

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As England won Group D, MarcusRashford, who is unlikely to start against Germany, was limited to three substitute appearances. Injuries have kept the Manchester United player from playing at his best recently, and he admitted that he may have surgery after the tournament to correct a shoulder condition. “I’m not sure if I need it yet,” he explained. “I’ll just take things as they come.” I’m going to finish strong here, and I’ll take a few weeks off to rest and figure out what I want to do next.”

Marcus Rashford, who revealed he was suffering from injuries after United’s Europa League final loss to Villarreal last month, is unsure how long he will be sidelined if he undergoes surgery. He could miss the start of next season as a result of the treatment, perhaps jeopardizing United’s chances of establishing themselves as title contenders.

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He stated that the doctors have yet to respond. The reason I don’t know is that I knew there was no way I’d get the operation as the season progressed and before I arrived here. I had no idea how long the operation would keep me out of commission. I didn’t bother to inquire. I’ll ask after the competition is over.”

23-year-old honest

The 23-year-old was candid about his lacklustre performance. He admitted, “I’m not performing at my best.” It’s been going on since the beginning of the season. With United, I made it through the season. I believe I was involved in 36 goals this year, so I can’t look back and say, “Mmm, I should have taken time off to do this and that.” That is simply not how I see things. All I want is to be able to play in every game.

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Marcus Rashford reiterated that England was not afraid of Germany, who had a difficult time against Hungary in their previous group game. “We know we’ll have to beat the greatest teams to win the tournament,” he said.

We must bring our best selves to the table. We want to win the ‘England Way,’ which means playing good football, working hard for one another, and scoring and creating goals.


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