Marcel Marceau’s Wife: Love and Support Behind the Greatest Mime in History

Marcel Marceau, a renowned mime artist, was known for his ability to communicate without words. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest mimes in history, and his performances captivated audiences all over the world. However, little is known about his personal life, particularly his marriage. Marcel Marceau’s wife played a crucial role in his life and career, providing him with love and support.

Marcel Marceau was born on March 22, 1923, in Strasbourg, France. He grew up in a Jewish family and witnessed the horrors of World War II firsthand. During the war, he joined the French Resistance and helped smuggle Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied France. After the war, he began his career as a mime artist and quickly gained international recognition for his unique style.

Marcel Marceau’s wife’s name was Hanne Hiob. She was an actress and a fellow Holocaust survivor. The couple met in 1950 when Marcel was performing in Berlin. Hanne was in the audience, and they struck up a conversation after the show. They fell in love and got married in 1955.

Hanne Hiob was a significant influence on Marcel Marceau’s life and career. She was his partner both on and off stage. She often performed with him and helped him develop new routines. She also provided him with emotional support during difficult times.

Marcel Marceau and Hanne Hiob had two children together, a son named Michel and a daughter named AurĂ©lia. Michel followed in his father’s footsteps and became a mime artist himself. AurĂ©lia became an actress and director.

Marcel Marceau’s marriage to Hanne Hiob was not without its challenges. In the early years of their relationship, Marcel struggled with jealousy and insecurity. He was afraid that Hanne would leave him for someone else. However, over time, he learned to trust her and their relationship grew stronger.

Marcel Marceau and Hanne Hiob remained married until her death in 2009. They were married for over 50 years, and their love for each other never wavered. Marcel was devastated by Hanne’s death and spoke about her often in interviews.

In conclusion, Marcel Marceau’s wife, Hanne Hiob, played a significant role in his life and career. She was his partner both on and off stage, providing him with love, support, and inspiration. Their marriage lasted over 50 years, and their love for each other never faded. Although Marcel Marceau is no longer with us, his legacy as one of the greatest mimes in history lives on.