Lindsay Lohan will star in a romantic comedy for Netflix

The untitled film will be released at Christmas.In this romantic comedy, Lindsay Lohan plays the heiress of a hotel who loses her memory after a skiing accident and is taken care of by a handsome man and his daughter on the eve of Christmas.

Lindsay Lohan is the child of an actress who became famous at the age of 11 after starring in “Parents’ Trap” (1998).Lohan stayed away from acting for a while and lived in Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

According to Variety, filming for the project will begin in November and will be directed by Janine Damien.The other actors of this project have not been introduced yet.Yesterday, Netflix announced the casting.

Lindsay Lohan is expected to return to acting in a Netflix Christmas game, and from now on it looks magical.Netflix shared casting news on its official Twitter account earlier today, as well as giving a brief summary.

“Lindsay Lohan will star in a new romantic comedy about a newly engaged and spoiled heir who, after being completely forgotten in a skiing accident, finds herself caring for a beautiful blue-collar homeowner and premature girl,” the streaming platform wrote. Puts himself. ”

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Filming for the project will begin in November, although the official title and release date have not yet been announced.If Netflix’s Christmas movies are popular, however, we are waiting for treatment.In fact, the producer of the project also brought us A Christmas Prince, Operation Christmas Drop and The Princess Switch.In any case, we are eagerly watching the Mean Girls actress return to the screen.

Over the past few years, Lindsay has only appeared in a few movies.His latest film, Among the Shadows, starred as a vampire, although it was critically acclaimed or commercially acclaimed.

Before the Shadows, Lohan’s last acting role was in The Crayons in 2013. The film was critically acclaimed.Earlier this year, the star hinted at the possibility of meeting Mean Girls again while appearing on The OG Mama D Podcast.

When asked about a possible sequel, Lindsay said, “Oh, I mean, I know they want to do something, but I still don’t know exactly what to do.”He added that membership would be an “honour”.While nothing has been confirmed, we need to keep track of the details of a possible Mean Girls sequel as well as the upcoming Netflix project.

Take a look at Lindsay Lohan’s fringe life

Lindsay Lohan was born in New York City and grew up in New York’s Metric-Long Island.Lohan started his acting career at an early age for the children’s fashion magazines and TV commercials.

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Lindsay Lohan entered the acting profession at the age of 10. In 2004, Lohan also entered the world of music. Lohan owns a home in Beverly Hills, California, but spends most of his time in New York with his family.

Lohan’s face with a blotchy face and blond hair was the beginning of Ford’s career at the age of three.Blue eyes and blonde hair caused so much demand from Lohan that Lohan found his first job.Lindsay Lohan’s insistence eventually led to the publication of more than 100 prints by Lindsay for Twitter ads.