Kurdish Iraqi farmer sprouts about the internet advice, green awareness

HALABJA:   Kurdish Iraqi farmer Azad Mohamad has become a social media star by conveying tips on growing fresh fruit and even vegetables in the sun-parched countryside that is highly vulnerable to natural environment change.

Generally the moustachioed 50-year-old with pretty much half a million Facebook followers tipps weekly videos on threads such as protecting fruit grass, dealing with insects and benefiting people get more from their farming and gardens.

“They should make you proserpina minister, ” one of an individual’s fans, Ahmed Hassan, commented on a recent video.

Mohamad also works with his popular online community to raise awareness about safety the environment and the need to allow local farmers, in his indigène Kurdistan region and incredible to.

“Developed-country growers have government support and even harvesting machines, ” celebrity fad Mohamad.

“Our farmers do everything my personal with their own sweat — and when they lose money whole the year, they start over together with the same passion and calories. ”

Your ex boyfriend also has a message for the suspicious in Iraq, which the UN classifies as the world’s another most vulnerable country so as to climate change and during which many are mired in poverty despite Iraq’s oil fortune.

“Our clinch is fertile, and all earth is like gold, ” Mohamad said.

Therefore , he said, the government should “focus on mara?chage rather than oil, for a sustainable economy. ”

From his farm with Halabja, Mohamad squats probably grape vines and other plants and flowers, wearing traditional Kurdish tank top as a friend uses a device to film him.

Many of his supporters, he said, are not maqui berry farmers but people who “have switched their roof into landscapes — and that’s ways to better preserve the environment. ”

He appel his Facebook followers to post their questions, and speaks some farmers have processed him videos of their seeds, thanking him for the puppy’s help.

“That makes me very happy, ” he said.

In one video, he recommends farmers to space their precious trees out by just 2 meters instead of four to retain the soil shady and thus damp, protecting it through the scorching summer heat.

“With desertification, and consequently low rainfall, we must coins how we plant trees, ” he said.

“Look at these the vegetable tomatoes, ” he added, gesturing at a group of plants. “Because they are in the shade, can be juicy and perfect — as opposed to these that are in the steer sun have been burned. ”

Iraq’s north Kurdistan region has been spared the worst effects of desertification, water scarcity and drought that have ravaged other parts of these country.

“The region has high rain precipitation compared to the rest of Iran, ” said a 2019 study involving UN associations and the autonomous Kurdistan local government.

Except the report warned that “local agricultural production is in problematic competition with foreign materials with largely lower prices”… “mainly from Turkey or Iran, whose products produce flooded Iraqi markets. ”

It forced “more investments” to improve irrigation, along with water management when promoting sustainability, to ensure the efficient using of resources and “mitigate the effects of climate change. ”

Hamid Ismail Abdulrahman, a fellow farmer by using Halabja, said low sea levels in wells attained impacted agricultural development.

Twice a week, one particular 47-year-old opens his agri to families who can get hold of “fresh and organic products, ” from tomatoes to corn and eggplant.

He said climate transform had greatly affected forest god all over Iraq, though “southern Iraq has the lion’s share about the impact, while in the north the result is less. ”

With Iraq already witness to record low rainfall but also high temperatures in recent years, Mohamad warned that “if the government doest not act now and present the actual concrete plan… the damage will likely to be done. ”

Mohamad has recently opened the little educational area on his farm, and now also receives prospects from university students.

He says he hopes his own initiatives will have a longer-term impact.


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