Kim Mulkey’s Dating Controversy: Exploring Her Personal Life!

Kim Mulkey is a renowned basketball coach from the United States, who is currently serving as the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Louisiana State University. Throughout her illustrious career, she has received numerous awards and accolades for her exceptional coaching skills. However, her personal life has recently become a topic of controversy due to her dating history. This article aims to delve into Kim Mulkey’s dating life and explore the various aspects of it.

Kim Mulkey has been married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to Randy Robertson, who was also a basketball coach. The couple tied the knot in 1987 and had a daughter named Makenzie in 1989. However, their marriage did not last long, and they got divorced in 1997. It is unclear what led to their separation, but it is believed that their busy schedules and work commitments played a significant role.

After her divorce from Randy Robertson, Kim Mulkey started dating a man named Tommy Wade. Wade was a former basketball player who had played for Louisiana Tech University, where Kim Mulkey had also played during her college days. The couple had known each other since their college days and had reconnected after Mulkey’s divorce. They started dating in 1998 and got married in 2000. The wedding was a grand affair, attended by many famous personalities from the world of basketball.

Kim Mulkey and Tommy Wade’s marriage lasted for almost two decades, but it was not without its share of controversies. In 2008, Tommy Wade was accused of sexual harassment by a former player of the Louisiana Tech women’s basketball team. The player alleged that Wade had made unwanted advances towards her and had created a hostile environment for her on the team. The incident had occurred when Wade was an assistant coach at Louisiana Tech, and Kim Mulkey was the head coach.

Kim Mulkey had vehemently defended her husband at the time, stating that the allegations were baseless and that Wade was innocent. She had also criticized the media for sensationalizing the issue and tarnishing her husband’s reputation. However, the controversy had taken a toll on the couple’s relationship, and they had separated for a brief period. They later reconciled and continued to stay married until 2018, when Tommy Wade passed away due to cancer.

After Tommy Wade’s death, Kim Mulkey has not been publicly linked to anyone. She has focused on her coaching career and has been doing an excellent job at Louisiana State University. However, her dating history has continued to be a topic of discussion among her fans and followers. Some have criticized her for defending her husband during the sexual harassment controversy, while others have praised her for standing by him during a difficult time.

In conclusion, Kim Mulkey is a highly accomplished basketball coach who has had a successful career in the sport. Her personal life has been marked by two marriages, with her second marriage being marred by a sexual harassment controversy. Despite the controversies, Kim Mulkey has remained a respected figure in the world of basketball and continues to inspire young players with her coaching skills.