Kevin Hart talks about his friendship with Dave Chappelle: ‘He’s a superb dude’

Kevin Hart spoke about his friendship with Dave Chappelle in a new interview. (Photo: Getty Images)
Kevin Hart spoke about his friendship with Dave Chappelle in a brand new interview. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kevin Hart has nothing however love for his good friend Dave Chappelle.

When requested concerning the controversy over Chappelle’s newest stand-up particular, The Closer, for a brand new New York Times story, Hart was adamant that his fellow comedian is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

“That man don’t have a hateful bone in his body. And I don’t say that because it’s hypothetical — I say that because I know him,” Hart stated. “I know his world. I know that he embraces the LGBT+ community, because he has friends who are close to him from that community. I know that his kids understand equality, fair treatment, love. I know that his wife embeds that in their kids. I know why people embrace him. He’s a good dude.”

Since The Closer premiered Oct. 5 on Netflix, it has been condemned by advocacy organizations, together with GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition. Employees of the streamer walked out in protest. There have been new developments Tuesday, when the 2 staff who had led the interior motion towards the particular, Terra Field and B. Pagel-Minor, withdrew a grievance that they had filed with National Labor Relations Board alleging that the corporate had retaliated towards them for his or her activism. Neither the staff nor Netflix mentioned phrases of the withdrawal. Field introduced Monday that she had resigned from the corporate altogether.

Chappelle got here up within the dialog when the interviewer, Dave Itzkoff, famous that the comedian had been the one defending Hart within the particular. The Chappelle Show star stated he thought Hart had been handled unfairly when he stepped down from internet hosting the 2019 Oscars, simply two days after he had been introduced. Some of Hart’s years-old tweets, which included homophobic phrases and anti-gay sentiment, had resurfaced and, although Hart apologized, the uproar continued. Itzkoff requested how Hart felt about Chappelle’s phrases.

“That’s my brother,” Hart stated. “My relationship with Dave is one that I value, respect and appreciate. In our profession, it’s a crab-in-a-barrel mentality. There’s this perception that there can only be one star or one funny guy, and we’re always pitted against each other. When you have that confidence and security to embrace another talent and stand by another talent, it says a lot about who you are. Chappelle’s operating at a different frequency, man, and I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

Itzkoff requested if Hart nervous that Chappelle mentioning his scenario would possibly upset individuals another time.

“In what world is a friend not going to be a friend if he wants to be a friend?” Hart stated. “With Dave, I think the media have an amazing way of making what they want a narrative to be. Within this conversation attached to Dave, nobody’s hearing what his attempt is. They’re hearing a narrative that’s been created. So the conversation is now amplified into something that has nothing to do with the beginning of what it was. That’s where it gets lost. Everybody needs to come down off the soapbox and get to a place of solution.”

The star of the upcoming drama True Story stated that, in his personal scenario, he discovered a lesson about his ego. While at first he was upset that individuals wished him to apologize for one thing he felt that he’d apologized for earlier, he later realized it was about extra.

“It was about the people who wanted to know that I don’t support violence in any type of way. Because I missed it, that doesn’t make me a person who hates — that makes me oblivious to a moment because I was wrapped up in my own [expletive],” Hart stated. “I was human. You can’t lose that. And that’s what happening today: We’re losing that in the attempt to say, ‘I’m right and you’re wrong and that’s it.’ I don’t understand how we ever evolve.”