Kehlani and Shaina: Splitting Up?

Kehlani Parrish’s announcement on TikTok that she is a lesbian on April 22 sparked a lot of interest in her relationship with Shaina Negron. However, despite fans’ curiosity, the couple has kept their relationship private. They have hinted at their love for each other on Instagram and even referenced it in a music track, but they have not shared any details about their relationship.

Since Kehlani’s announcement, fans have been eager to learn more about her relationship with Shaina. However, the couple has remained tight-lipped about their romance. They have not shared any photos of themselves together on social media, and they have not given any interviews about their relationship.

Despite the lack of information about their relationship, fans have continued to speculate about whether Kehlani and Shaina are still together. Some fans have pointed to the fact that Kehlani has not posted any recent photos of Shaina on her Instagram account as evidence that the couple may have split up.

However, others have pointed out that Kehlani and Shaina have been spotted together in public recently, suggesting that they are still together. In addition, Kehlani has shared several posts on social media that seem to suggest that she is still in a relationship with Shaina.

For example, in a recent Instagram post, Kehlani shared a photo of herself wearing a shirt that read “I’m not single, I’m just in a committed relationship with myself.” While the post did not mention Shaina by name, many fans interpreted it as a sign that Kehlani is still in a relationship with her.

Despite the speculation about their relationship status, Kehlani and Shaina have not commented publicly on the rumors. It is unclear whether they will ever share more information about their relationship with their fans.

In the meantime, fans will have to continue to speculate about Kehlani and Shaina’s relationship based on the limited information that is available. While it is clear that the couple is still together, it is unclear what the future holds for them. Only time will tell whether they will continue to keep their relationship private or whether they will eventually share more details with their fans.