Jordan Page’s Divorce Announcement: Navigating Jordan’s Relationships | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Reality of Divorce Rates

Divorce statistics reveal a sobering reality; around 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce, as noted by the American Psychological Association. This trend, while unfortunate, is not surprising in today’s society. The increasing pressures of modern life, changing social norms, and evolving expectations have all contributed to the rise in divorce rates.

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Jordan Page’s Public Announcement

Recently, Jordan Page, a prominent Mormon influencer and founder of the Page Company, alongside her husband Bubba Page, publicly announced their decision to separate. This announcement came as a shock to many of their followers, who had admired the couple’s seemingly perfect relationship showcased on social media.

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The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

Social media has become a powerful tool for connecting people around the world, but it has also had a significant impact on relationships. The curated images and stories shared on platforms like Instagram and Facebook often present an idealized version of reality, leading many to compare their own lives to these unrealistic standards.

In the case of Jordan and Bubba Page, their public persona as a happy and successful couple may have added pressure to maintain that image, even if their relationship was facing challenges behind the scenes. The pressure to live up to the expectations set by social media can take a toll on even the strongest of relationships.

The Importance of Authenticity

One lesson that can be learned from Jordan Page’s public announcement is the importance of authenticity in relationships. It is essential to be honest and open about the struggles and challenges that come with marriage. Pretending that everything is perfect when it is not only creates a facade that is bound to crumble eventually.

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Couples should feel comfortable discussing their issues with each other and seeking help when needed. Marriage counseling, therapy, and open communication are all valuable tools for maintaining a healthy and strong relationship.

Coping with Divorce

For those who find themselves facing divorce, it is essential to prioritize self-care and seek support from friends, family, or a therapist. Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process, but it is also an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

It is crucial to allow yourself time to grieve the end of the relationship and to process your emotions in a healthy way. Surrounding yourself with a strong support system can help you navigate the difficult days ahead and move forward with confidence.


Divorce rates may be on the rise, but that does not mean that successful and fulfilling relationships are impossible. By prioritizing authenticity, communication, and self-care, couples can build strong foundations for their marriages and weather any challenges that come their way.

Jordan Page’s public announcement serves as a reminder that no relationship is perfect, and it is okay to seek help when needed. By being open and honest about the struggles we face in our relationships, we can work towards building stronger and more resilient partnerships.

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