Joe Biden’s victory : A Cool Breeze for Americans on the Way

Time has come to celebrate for Joe Biden's victory. Now there is hope soaring with respect the diversity, i.e races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities and humanity eventually.

In a contest when huffing puffing has enthralled the world the U.S battlefield has caught the eyes of the world as it’s the corset for holding power to rein a superpower encompassing a number of states. Joe Biden’s victory is to be confirmed soon. As Democrats President candidate won Michigan and it’s 16 votes as per the report by ‘The Associated Press’.

On the other hand, Trump is reflecting another picture of fraud naming all process a deceive to compromise his votes. He is demanding vehement involvement of the Supreme Court to look into affairs. This has become evident that Trump is taking last breaths of his reign so he is trying to establish his fallen dignity with the ashes that are of no vain. No power either judicial or legislature can hold Biden to claim his rightful right. Biden will relish the white house within some hours.


There comes an analysis to see what Trump has cost to reach the defat? Why his slogan of nationalism has failed? His fall has been caused by obviously a number of factors. Executive Orders right before is succeeding powers were not meant to prevail peace. His slogans of nationalism could not win the hearts of diverse and peaceful Americans.
The photos of the baby on the brink had broken the hearts of the world and so the Americans. Refugees’ story could not be erased soon with eaving belongings. Trump’s endeavours to label the Muslim world as ‘Radicalized’ has proved futile. He tried to isolate a major civilization that has ruled for centuries when even America did not exist.

Oh! Colombus Pity over your chosen rulers what America has gone through. By tagging the Muslims as a threat to the world and at the same time having sound relations with oil-rich countries has been enough to show Trump’s double-faced policies. In the states where peaceful, harmonized and pluralistic an Americans reside, Trump’s failure was evident.

His white skin ( they don’t care about us: remembering Michel Jackson ) and execution of a black man accused having a knife in his reign could not be tolerated. His soothing dance was not meant that Americans would let him dance the white house anymore. Manila’s feminist rhetoric and his modelled beauty could not work. All tactics prove futile.
Even dishonouring Biden and calling him not suitable was in vain. Pope Francis tried to support a set of thought colliding dogmas with one another by his support to homosexuals, their recognition and protection. Yet Joe Biden has won the hearts of Americans with a leading victory.
Time has come to celebrate for Joe Biden’s victory. Now there is hope soaring with respect the diversity, i.e races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities and humanity eventually.