Javed Akhtar Faces Criticism For His Divisive Remarks About Pakistan

Javed Akhtar, a respected Indian poet, and the author made a contentious remark at the Lahore Faiz Festival that sent Twitter into a frenzy. Many Pakistani celebrities have since spoken out against Akhtar’s comments. Throughout the festival, which took place from February 17 to 19, and in the days that followed, a number of celebrities posted images and videos on social media to express how honored they were to have Akhtar attend the event. However, the event soon deteriorated as a video of the Indian poet’s statement gained widespread popularity on social media.

Image Source: Tribune India

In the video, Akthar is heard blaming Pakistan for permitting the Mumbai attack perpetrators to “roam free” within its borders. I am from Bombay and I saw the attack on my city, the famous Indian author stated during a session at the event. Nor were the assailants Eypgtians or from Norway. These attackers are still at large in your nation. Thus, you shouldn’t be offended if an Indian has unresolved issues. Here is the video.

Several celebrities voiced their opinions on the allegation and denounced the implications as the video gained popularity. Pakistani superstar Shaan Shahid took to Twitter, saying: “He is quiet regarding the murders in Gujrat despite knowing who the culprit is. Yet, he is searching for those behind the 26/11 attacks in Pakistan. Who give him a visa?” 

The actor and YouTube video producer Arsalan Naseer also disputed this claim, adding in his signature funny style: “How can you say something like that sitting in a hall full of Pakistanis?” He further joked, “Maybe India should make a movie on him now, titled “jaanbaz likhaari.” 

Saboor Aly, referring to the incident with the Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, said: “Our hearts are so huge, we send Indians back safely after offering them a cup of tea,” among other celebrities who have criticized the Jashn-e-Bahara composer. She did object to the fact that everyone in attendance at the session had praised Akhtar’s statements, though.

Here is another reaction from a netizen on Twitter.

Sharmila Faruqui, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), also criticized Akhtar for his “controversial” comments, saying that the singer should be invited back.

But, that was not where the issue ended. Following the incident, Akhtar justified his remark in an interview with an Indian media outlet.

Another video showed him saying, “What is important is that the hall full of Pakistani people clapped when I said that,” Aijaz Aslam and Resham are two more famous people who have denounced the degrading remark.

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