Jason Sudeikis returns because the ‘enjoyable’ Joe Biden on ‘SNL’

Former Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) meets current Joe Biden (James Austin Johnson) on Saturday Night Live (Photo: NBC/Twitter)
Former Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) meets present Joe Biden (James Austin Johnson) on Saturday Night Live (Photo: NBC/Twitter)

Jason Sudeikis is again within the constructing, and he introduced Joe Biden with him. The former Not Ready for Primetime Player-turned-beloved (fictional) soccer coach returned to Saturday Night Live for his first internet hosting gig since departing Studio 8H in 2013. And the Ted Lasso star wasted little time reprising certainly one of his hottest characters from his decade-long tenure within the SNL forged. 

The chilly open featured Sudeikis’s classic Joe Biden coming face-to-face with present Joe Biden, performed by James Austen Johnson. And the distinction between the 2 was stark. “You seem so happy, so carefree,” Johnson’s POTUS informed his fun-loving counterpart. “So… what’s the word I’m looking for?” “Lucid,” Sudeikis’s Biden replied with out lacking a beat.

It’s no accident that Biden 1.zero entered with such swagger. After all, he eternally exists in 2013, when the present POTUS was nonetheless the Veep and he and President Barack Obama had been driving excessive in approval polls. “Easiest gig in the world,” he informed his eight-years-older self. “We’re like America’s wacky neighbor. Just pop in with an ice cream cone, aviator shades, some finger guns… shake a few hands, rub a few shoulders.” 

That’s when Biden 2.zero gave his “ancestor” a crash course in sure 2021 realities. “You can’t do that anymore,” he informed Biden 1.zero about his penchant for shoulder rubs and handshakes, to not point out hair-sniffing. “Which one?” Sudeikis requested. “Weirdly both,” Johnson answered with resignation. 

Biden 2.zero then proceeded to catch Biden 1.zero up on a few of the different issues that occurred in the course of the eight-year time hole between them. “The last president ruined everything,” he complained. “They hung out with porn stars, they served McDonald’s at the White House, got into a fight with the pope.” Biden 1.zero naturally reacted with amazement: “Wow, Hillary got awesome!”

Biden 1.zero additionally disregarded his 2021 counterpart’s criticisms of sure congressional Democrats who’ve sophisticated his presidential agenda. What to do about Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, for instance? “The only ‘Manchin’ I care about is the Playboy Mansion,” Sudeikis exclaimed. “That’s classic 2013 Biden right there!” How about Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona? “That sounds like a Star Wars character.” 

Twitter was largely overjoyed with the Big 2013 Energy that Sudeikis dropped at SNL‘s Oval Office. 

Not content material with merely placing Biden 1.zero and Biden 2.zero collectively on the identical stage, the SNL writers additionally made room for Biden 1.5. No, not Jim Carrey — Alex Moffat briefly reprised his ultra-brief tenure because the POTUS circa early 2021 within the closing moments of the chilly open. “You need anything?” he requested the opposite Bidens earlier than making a quick exit. 

Sudeikis took Moffat’s departure as his personal cue to “mosey back to 2013.” But earlier than departing, he left his descendent with some phrases of knowledge: “I want you to stand tall and flash those 100% natural choppers we got. And remember, we may be from different eras, but at the end of the day, we’re both Joe freakin’ Biden!” 

As glad as SNL followers had been to see Sudeikis again within the White House, the chilly open did have its critics. Some viewers objected to the best way it characterised the Biden presidency, whereas others famous how Johnson’s divisive tackle Biden appeared extra-lacking when standing subsequent to his predecessor. 

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.


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