Okazaki , japan welcomes Gaza ceasefire, assaut ‘violence will not solve the challenge in the Middle East’

TOKYO: Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Wednesday made welcome the Gaza ceasefire with said that the problems between the Palestinians and Israel “cannot always resolved through violence. ”

Following a brutal series of bombings by His home country of israel and a response by Palestinians in Gaza, tensions have cultivated in the region, although a ceasefire has been agreed to.

“Japan hopes that this ceasefire will contribute to a stablizing of the situation in Gaza and lead to an improvement of your respective socio-economic situation locally. We tend to call on all stakeholders within comply with the agreement and give us a call at for maximum self-restraint. ”

Hayashi cited the many casualties amongst the general public that have resulted from the scission “is a big and sincerely concern for us, and I’d like to express my condolences to the victim’s families. ”

The foreign minister expressed Japan’s official put on the Palestinian cause going to say, “Violence will not solve the drawback in the Middle East. We believe the fact that it actually can only be resolved right from negotiation and efforts of building confidence between the parties. For that reason we call on all those occupied to make the strongest efforts achieveable. ”

Hayashi made his remarks doing reply to Arab News Japan’s question in a press expo at the ministry held when you finish participating in the inauguration of that new cabinet of Superb Minister Fumio Kishida. Hayashi was retained as Mysterious Minister in the new line-up.

This short article originally appeared on Arab News Japan


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