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Is Intelius Worth It? Exploring the Benefits and Costs

In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly important to have access to accurate and reliable information about people. Whether you are conducting a background check, trying to reconnect with an old friend, or simply curious about someone’s past, Intelius offers a comprehensive search engine that can help you find detailed information about individuals. But is Intelius worth it? Let’s explore the benefits and costs of using this service.

What is Intelius?

Intelius is a search engine that gathers information from various public sources, including federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as commercial organizations. It aims to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information about people. The information obtained can include contact information, previous addresses, and possibly even criminal records, if they exist.

Benefits of Using Intelius

1. Comprehensive Information: One of the main benefits of using Intelius is the wealth of information it provides. Whether you are looking for contact details, employment history, or even social media profiles, Intelius can help you find the information you need.

2. Background Checks: Intelius is particularly useful for conducting background checks. If you are considering hiring someone for a job or entering into a business partnership, it is essential to have access to their background information. Intelius can help you uncover any criminal records or other red flags that may influence your decision.

3. Reconnecting with People: Have you ever lost touch with an old friend or family member and wondered where they are now? Intelius can help you reconnect by providing current contact information and even previous addresses. It can be a great tool for rekindling relationships.

4. Peace of Mind: Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or entering into a new relationship, it is natural to have concerns about their past. Intelius can provide you with the peace of mind you need by offering insights into someone’s background.

Costs of Using Intelius

While Intelius offers valuable services, it is important to consider the costs involved. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

1. Subscription Plans: Intelius offers various subscription plans, ranging from basic to premium. The cost of these plans can vary depending on the level of access and features you require. It is essential to evaluate your needs and budget before committing to a subscription.

2. Additional Fees: In addition to the subscription plans, Intelius may charge additional fees for certain services, such as accessing court records or conducting more in-depth background checks. These fees can add up, so it is crucial to be aware of them before using the service.

3. Accuracy of Information: While Intelius strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information, there is always a possibility of errors or outdated data. It is important to verify any information obtained through Intelius with other reliable sources to ensure its accuracy.

Is Intelius Worth It?

The answer to whether Intelius is worth it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you require comprehensive and reliable information about individuals, Intelius can be a valuable tool. It can help you make informed decisions about hiring, partnerships, or personal relationships.

However, it is essential to weigh the benefits against the costs involved. Consider your budget and the level of access you require before committing to a subscription plan. Additionally, always verify the information obtained through Intelius with other sources to ensure its accuracy.

In conclusion, Intelius offers a search engine that can provide detailed information about people. It can be beneficial for conducting background checks, reconnecting with old friends, and gaining peace of mind. However, it is important to consider the costs involved and verify the information obtained. With careful evaluation, Intelius can be a valuable resource in today’s information-driven world.

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