“Is Douglas Murray Homosexual? Debunking the Myth of Gender Transformation”

Douglas Murray, the creator, was asked about the relevance of Pride and his response was a tirade against both the Pride movement and the company’s rainbow washing activism. He reminisced about the time when Pride was primarily a parade in certain cities and countries where equal rights were not yet fully established.

The article then shifts to the topic of whether or not Douglas Murray is gay. The author states that it doesn’t matter whether he is or not, but rather what he believes about the idea of a man turning into a woman. The author argues that this idea is false and that gender is determined by biology.

Overall, the article seems to be a mishmash of different topics and opinions. It is unclear what the main point of the article is and the writing style is disjointed. A rewrite could benefit from a clearer focus and more cohesive structure.