Iranian military ship attacked by Israel

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Iranian military ship is being attacked while the foreign ministry of Iran was underway for talks in Vienna. This attack was basically poured by Israel. It was a trajectory situation as the international obligation law is violated by Israel. By the arrival of fifth-generation warfare and the military regime, international law violation is at its peak by developed and underdeveloped countries.

During bilateral and multilateral talks of different regions, it is unethical to exploit the other country in these circumstances. On the other hand, the foreign ministry has claimed the attack on the Iranian military ship. The MV Saviz ship has been targeted in the red sea.

This epoch is going forward with several unprecedented wars like hybrid warfare. Countries with an empowered army on a global level are competing with underdeveloped countries. A state TV report mentioned an anonymous US official told that Israel had informed the US about its attack on the Iranian ship on Tuesday morning.

conflictions and substitute war between the two states

On the other hand, as there exists concept relating different wars on the basis of religion, region territorial and other issues. So, it us obvious to conclude that this attack is a subsidiary of regional, territorial and armed conflict biasness exploited by a Jewish state. In addition, there exists politics on economy, religion and territorial integrity. So domestic and international laws often violate by foe states.

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Observes claimed that there was a meeting ongoing with US military and political personnel so the opponent state has taken advantage of this meeting for exploiting bilateral relations between two states in order to attack on military vessel. In these circumstances, there is creation of chaos and tumultuous in the circle of general public.

Due to these prevailing situations, different institutions of the state enable to initiate their secret missions.

Saudi Arabia’s manipulation

It was also noted  that in Red sea there was a long presence of the ship, Saudi Arabia claimed but Saudi Arabia has taken the advantage of long term running of this ship in the Sea. Moreover, Saudi Arab is also a partner of Israel in business at International level. So, the order was passed by Saudi Arabia to manipulate the talk in any condition.

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