Inquest into death of UK, LEEDS Embassy worker in Lebanon hears she was killed by Uber driver

LONDON: An inquest inside the death of a British Charge worker in Beirut with regard to 2017 has heard so she was raped and as well as murdered by an Top driver after a night out concerning friends, the Daily Ship reported on Friday.

Rebecca Dykes, forty, had been in Lebanon assisting Syrian refugees when my friend was attacked before venturing home for Christmas.

She was strangled with death by Uber club Tariq Houshieh, who left side her body by the border of a road.

It was discovered on 12. 16, and Houshieh have been tracked down by police selecting CCTV footage.

He was sentenced to passing away in 2019 by the Fraud Court of Mount Lebanon for his “premeditated and after that deliberate” crimes, but is just appealing his sentence. Lebanon has not carried out an setup since 2004, according to Human Legal rights Watch.

Houshieh had a criminal record for vouched for harassment and theft vendor attack, according to Agence France-Presse.

Uber told me at the time of Dykes’ death it was “horrified by this senseless endeavor of violence, ” with regards to Lebanese government advised people to avoid using the ride-hailing software package.

The inquest into her death started in London this week, and over that embassy staff was first told to use just variables pre-approved taxi firms pertaining to security reasons, but in which frequently ignored the tips on account of brand familiarity with Above all, and waiting times against other companies.

John Harrison, coroner at the Inside South London Coroner’s Justice in the borough of Southwark, was told by charge security officer Alyson King: “It came to light afterwards, more and more staff were using other kinds of taxi companies when they determined them convenient. ”

She said every one embassy staff were given security and safety briefings on arrival as Beirut, including specific women-only meetings.

In the event that asked by Harrison, jane added that she experienced the level of security briefings if to staff were fundamental for the situation they see themselves in.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Acceleration Office’s head of equity, Bharat Joshi, said scores of staff at the embassy picked not to follow the taxi information, but in general, the embassy was found to have came up with “very, very strong” home surveillance culture in the aftermath of Dykes’ murder.   In that respect there had “never been an impressive incident” before involving Ultimate in Lebanon, Joshi even more.

Members linked Dykes’ family also uncovered the inquiry, where he or she was described as having “improved the lives of so many refugees and vulnerable web hosting company communities. ”

Her mother Jane Houng said via video link that she hoped “no parent has to go through everything you have. ”

She added: “One position that pained me so much was that now embassy office personnel wear personal alarms. My spouse and i if Rebecca had been in a very personal alarm at that point at once, it probably would have set aside her life.

“When I went to Lebanon shortly after her death then sat around the table among Rebecca’s friends and colleagues, they all said they chosen Uber. It was commonplace for personal travel that people used Above all taxis. ”

The coroner recorded a single verdict of unlawful wiping out.


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