Inhumane incident: The cause of societal decay

Yet another heart wrenching incident has torn the humanity into pieces. The females in this modern epoch don't feel safe in a country filled with Muslims. The authorities have to be all ears to eliminate this very brutal crime and its fear.

Rapist Dacoits raped another woman in Sheikhupura suburban area called Farooq Abad and in Faisalabad, the resident of murid Wala a newly married woman girl passed through same cruel torture. After motorway’s inhumane incident of the mother of three in Lahore, these new cases are raising an alarm for society. 


In this quagmire of the inhumane incident, what left is to find the factors causing this downfall of ethical boundaries? The rapist has become a subject of the day. He is being discussed on all forums. With his name number or platforms and social website are streaming and resonating the effects of his psyche. A plethora of content about the rapist and his crime is there but least is the effort about to know what the root cause of this worsening state is?

What role does a rapist play in an under developing country?

What comes in my mind confines some limits? On one side the society of Pakistan is ridden with self-perceptions and beliefs and on other hand, it is chained in international recessions and movements. No matter what the product, service or idea is being innovated its flow is evident in developing countries like Pakistan. Diffusion of innovation theory dies its natural death when it comes to the under-developed nations. The laggards have been imposed with the late majority. Though Pakistan is also racing in the list of early majority when it comes to new media yet laggards have been associated so.

In a country where a man can sign is the measurement of literacy how can a country boom its society? In a country where half of its population is sitting idle at homes cooking daily meals but not ready to share their skills on a channel where they can channelize their resources and earn money. In this way, their dependence will diminish with the passage of time. In a country where there is a huge gap between the upper class and lower class, this type of incident will keep on happening.

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In this country where people do not have clear perceptions about their set of thoughts, where people watch western modern content and raise slogans to adopt a culture that lessens their mobility to even legal doings, they fell in a wrong path they search for some dark paths. From where they could get the pleasure they sought?

In a society where parents are more prone to see their children earn money for marriage, the required age and the natural needs are left aside, then these types of events happen.
In a society when we broadcast content like “Ishq –e-Mamnoo” and “Nagin” then expect the people to be like Etrugel Ghazi and Haleema, how is it possible for these kinds of crimes to not happen.

What should be acted upon to control rapists and inhumane incidents?

This is high time to bring the people out from the appetite of food, security and sexual needs. When a layperson watches a girl dressed in modern attire and then sees his bare feet and half torn clothes, he gets some vibes to get the finest pleasure even it is for the very short period of time. With life’s hurdles, he is already fed up and not hopeful to mobile with society. It’s not a big deal for him to commit this kind of crimes.

The course of action 

What we need to do is to revise our policies, mental health should be a subject to cater to the needs of appetites either food or sexual. Ignorance of one inhumane incident can cause the same catastrophe as the stagnation of an economy or the political anarchy. Deal the issue with some seriousness.