Houston Police Walk Back Unsupported Claims Of Drugs Injected In Astroworld Security

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner walked again his earlier claims on Wednesday {that a} safety guard was drugged at Travis Scott’s Astroworld pageant by getting pricked on the neck with a needle.

On Saturday, Finner mentioned that medical workers reported treating the safety guard with Narcan, a drug used to reverse the consequences of a narcotics overdose. He additionally mentioned that first responders noticed what seemed to be a needle mark on the nameless guard’s neck.

The guard was working at Scott’s live performance in NRG Park, the place at the least eight folks died and lots of extra have been injured because of a large crowd crush that supplied little alternative for medics to offer assist and attendees to flee.

“In terms of the security guard that I discussed on Saturday, if you can remember, members of the medical team, medical tent, said that a male security guard had come in and said that somebody had pricked his neck, and we felt that it could’ve been something injected,” the police chief mentioned at a Wednesday press convention.

“We did locate that security guard ― his story’s not consistent with that. He says he was struck in his head, he went unconscious, he woke up in the security tent. He says no one injected drugs in him, so we want to clear that part up.”

Finner mentioned he didn’t have any proof that narcotics have been being administered ― both to safety guards or attendees ― when he introduced it on Saturday, and that they have been simply allegations. It’s unclear why he launched the preliminary assertion concerning the safety guard with out first investigating the startling declare.

“I’ve seen people die. Nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed last night,” Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse who attended Scott’s present, instructed The Daily Beast on Saturday. “I was about to tell my boyfriend to tell my son that I loved him, because I really thought that I was not gonna see him again. And before I could say anything, I fainted.”

Eskins instructed Radar Online that it was an unlikely and far-fetched principle that accidents or crowd surge stemming from the live performance have been attributable to an individual randomly pricking folks with a syringe.

“This is a lie,” she mentioned. “They trying to cover their asses. Nobody who actually was there has said this shit. Nobody saw this shit.”

Finner mentioned that Houston police will proceed its investigation into the chaos that descended at Scott’s live performance, regardless of about 530 cops having labored as safety for the occasion. There have been requires an impartial investigation ― together with from county commissioners and Judge Lina Hidalgo ― because of Houston and Harris County officers having helped arrange the occasion with Live Nation and Scott.

“I’m really confident in who we are at HPD. I think we can do our own investigation,” the chief mentioned. “We investigate ourselves all the time. What if we find out that HPD is really not the target?

“This ‘independent investigation’ is this new fashion word. Independent investigation for what, where are we right now? We’re nowhere right now.”

Finner mentioned that police “don’t hold the plug” on the authority to finish the present, pointing that accountability with the manufacturing and the entertainer. But when requested who particularly had safety jurisdiction on the live performance, the chief named the rating Houston police officer on the website.

More than any allegations of medication and needle-pricking, security specialists have pointed to crowd administration and the function of safety in each the prevention and management of doubtless violent incidents like Friday evening. Crowd administration requires safety and occasion organizers to have an understanding of the venue’s design and operational options, in addition to the traits of the gang attending the occasion.

Neither Houston police nor Live Nation has answered HuffPost’s questions on what number of members of safety have been near the stage, what number of medics have been current, if any safety members have been particularly skilled in crowd administration and what the barricade configuration appeared like.