Home-made remedies for glowing and smooth skin

For glowing and smooth skin you only need to take advantage of the natural ingredients. Read the complete article and follow these amazing home-made remedies in order to get a mesmerizing beauty.

Nowadays due to the hectic routine and busy work schedule in the prevailing times take out a few minutes to pamper up. Well, take the first step by taking care of your face. Without an iota of doubt, this could be done without spending a single penny on expensive chemical products. For glowing and smooth skin you only need to take advantage of the natural ingredients. Read the complete article and follow these amazing home-made remedies in order to get a mesmerizing beauty.

Rice Scrub

Rice is a direct source of food which is being consumed by millions of people at a time usually Japanese like the rice and they mostly prefer rise as a staple ingredient in their food. Rice white long grain is beneficial in many ways. It contains carbohydrates calcium iron Vitamin E etc. Now I am going to discuss beauty hacks related to rice. It’s a homemade remedy for glowing and smooth skin as well as to remove dead skin.



A small bowl of rice

Aloe Vera gel

Coconut oil/Honey

ingredients for the scrub


Dip some rice in a glass of water which is the first step to clean your skin. Sprinkle rice water on your face or take cotton pads and dip the cotton pads in the prepared solution and then clean your whole face.

Rice Powder

Then the next step should be making scrub by using rice. Take some rice and make rice powder by grinding them finally. You can take Aloe Vera gel, coconut oil or honey. Choose the ingredient wisely as per your skin tone and according to the level of suitability.

Take 3 tablespoons of rice powder and choose any one ingredient from those mentioned above. Mix the aloe vera gel or honey into it to form a thick liquid paste.

Applying the scrub

Now to apply the scrub wet your face with water and start applying the prepared scrub on your face. Scrub properly by covering your whole face particularly blackheads area. Scrub your face for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse with simple water. You will instantly get softer and shinier skin. Use this remedy once a week and feel the magic rice scrub.

Yogurt & Orange Peel Mask

Here comes another home-made remedy from yoghurt and orange peels. Being a dairy product curd contains lactic acid which dissolves the skin cell and is very beneficial in getting a moisturized skin free of acne and sunburn. According to experts, curd helps in preventing premature ageing.

Orange peels

Whereas a huge amount of citric acid is present in orange which helps in drying the acne and gives a fresh look. Along with this orange peels are suitable for all skin types and an enormous amount of vitamin C in them is a gift of nature to mankind. Therefore the combination of these natural products gives birth to a tremendous home-made beauty remedy which is perfect to gain healthy skin. Let us have a look at its preparation method.



2 Oranges

1 Bowl of curd

2 Tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel


The first step is to peel two oranges and dry their peels by exposing them into the sunlight. Make sure that the peels are dried up completely and no moisture is left in them. Once the peels are dried up, crush them into a fine powder. The next step is to take an empty bowl and pour the yoghurt, orange peels as well as aloe vera gel in it. Mix all the ingredients and put it in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s it! Now the exciting mask is ready to apply to get a fresh look.

Orange peels

Apply the mask on your face with the help of a brush having soft fibres. Leave it until dry and rinse it off with simple water. Check the texture of your skin after washing your face. You will have a gentle and moisturized skin by the help of this fascinating remedy. Apply this mask twice a week and gain magical effects within a short time period of 10 to 15 minutes.

applying the mask

Beautify yourself with these amazing home-made remedies and save a huge amount of money to get glowing and smooth skin. Just get into the kitchen at any time as there is no seasonal restriction to prepare these face packs. Now with the help of these natural ingredients stay younger, fresh and enhance your confidence by looking prettier than before. You just need to try them once and feel the difference. In fact, live the difference.