Harry Kane: Spurs suffer as returning fans express their displeasure

Defensive sloppiness is in this team's DNA, and it was evident throughout the game, particularly before the break, with Reguilón's amusing own goal being the most egregious example.

Harry Kane wandered around the pitch at the end of a tense game for Tottenham, when their mutual fragility was exposed, but he did not venture too close to the edges.

For a brief moment, it seemed as though he was leading a lap of appreciation during the season’s final home game, with 10,000 people in attendance, but it was a strange sight, with most of his teammates having sloped away.

Harry Kane was left alone, and a penny for his thoughts would have been well worth it at that moment. Despite the bombshell news on Monday night that he wants to leave the club in the summer, the fans cheered him and it was never going to be any different. The fans’ anger is aimed at the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, rather than their hero, and scenes emerged after Kane, Gareth Bale, and a few other players had vanished down the tunnel, capturing the outrage that has gripped the club following a traumatic season.

Feelings of fans and the crowd

Some fans remained behind to demand that the players come out to better display their gratitude, and there were boos and, above all, harassment for Levy, who was demanded to leave the club for around 40 minutes while they stayed in the dressing room.

The players were finally coaxed out, led by Harry Kane, and the crowd was briefly placated. Still, having seen the majority of the show through their eyes, they drifted off with rage in their veins.

Did Harry Kane’s antics make the team nervous?

This is an important question that comes to mind but No one can say, and Ryan Mason argued that if they had begun badly, the accusation might have been levelled with certainty. In reality, they scored first, with Steven Bergwijn scoring a lovely finish for his first goal in 35 appearances this season.

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Spurs, on the other hand, were overwhelmed by nerves and the home crowd was left to howl in disbelief during a shocking first-half display that included Sergio Reguilón slicing a cross into his own goal from two yards in front of the penalty spot, among other horrors. Aston Villa took full advantage of a precious little trend from Spurs, slicing through them time and time again in the first half and scoring the game’s winner through Ollie Watkins.

The scenario in the second half

In the second half, they stayed in control and could have added to the final score when Carney Chukwuemeka, a 17-year-old midfield prodigy making his debut, hit the post with a low shot. “We have been so focused on delivering the stadium and coping with the effects of the pandemic, that I feel we lost sight of some core goals and what’s really in our DNA,” Levy, who had signed the club up to the failed European Super League, had said in his programme notes.

Defensive sloppiness is in this team’s DNA, and it was evident throughout the game, particularly before the break, with Reguilón’s amusing own goal being the most egregious example.