Hamas ‘wins with Israel even so loses with Palestinians’: Experts

AMMAN:   Much longer the dust of the popular attack on Gaza has got settled, the Hamas being moved — the predominant electric power in the Gaza Strip — has yet to recover from the political fallout from the refusal to join fellow Islamic Jihad in retaliation up against Israel.

Significant Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki told Arab News the fact that Hamas failed to consider the tugthus of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin Bassam Saadi a national worry requiring a military text message in return from the Gaza Strip.

“But it seems Hamas did see the assassination linked Islamic Jihad commander Tayseer Al-Jabari as a threat looking for a military response, however , only a limited one. Bright white even in response to the latter, Hamas held its guns and allowing Islamic Jihad to guard itself and bear the exact brunt of the Israeli and definitely will machine. ”

Shikaki, a professor of all political science and movie director of the Palestinian Center suitable for Policy and Survey Lookup, told Arab News exactly who Hamas’ decision was “wise, but it might cost it selected popular support. ”

Comments by Palestinian political activists and social media marketing were not as kind to their Hamas movement, which has and attacked other figures and thus groups for their silence.

They compared typically passive Hamas position into how the Ramallah leadership presents behaved in order to protect several of the best benefits  of governing.

Jamal Dajani, grupper kategorier communications director of the Palestinian Prime Ministry, told Arab-speaking News that Hamas clear that the new Israeli management initiated the attack referring to Gaza for political secure.

“Hamas couldn’t bite the bait as well as , showed self-restraint avoiding an extended war causing more the passing away and destruction, ” afterwards said.

Shikaki believes that both Egypt and Israel will the best value Hamas’ behavior and will stimulant the movement by providing superior economic facilities, allowing it to join control over the Gaza Reel.

“Israel could very well hope that this will provide Hamas with the means to exert large leverage over Islamic Jihad and ensure a long-term tranquility, ” said Shikaki.


Khalil Shikaki, a lecturer of political science and even director of the Palestinian Room for Policy and Research Research, said that Hamas’ alternative was wise, but it might cost it some popular encouragement.

“Ultimately, those throughout the Israel who call for one-on-one Israel-Hamas dialogue, particularly although Israeli security sector, definitely gain more points associated with use this episode to prove that Hamas is not bound on ideology alone and that from the pragmatic organization with whos Israel can make long-term offerings.

“Internally, nonetheless Islamic Jihad-Hamas relations may perhaps become tense. Hamas-Palestinian Important relations might also worsen, of greater Hamas control over Gaza might create conditions the location where the Ramallah leadership loses any kind of prospects for a return to cope with the strip any time soon, ” said Shikaki.

Zaha Hassan, a human the law lawyer and fellow with this Middle East Program at Carnegie Endowment for Foreign Peace, told Arab Statement that Hamas was typically interested in showing itself like a “real” resistance to Israeli practise when the  Fatah-led Palestinian government was standing by with regard to escalations of violence, kinds as  during May 2021.

“The newer bombardment by Israel here in Gaza forced Hamas to reside on the sidelines not wanting to end up in economic fallout that would more often than not result in access restrictions.

“But if Hamas’ popularity has been based on it being the real resistance, particularly when Al-Aqsa is involved, keep quiet during the march about hundreds of Israeli right-wing activists on the Haram Al-Sharif for putting up this ‘temple’ destruction commemoration were a good look for the organization. ”

But Samar Muhareb, an Amman-based affable society activist and a nearby watcher of the Palestinian issue, took a different view.

Muhareb, executive jefe of the Amman-based Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Developing, said that what was important would look at the gains of the reluctance by Islamic Jihad.

She told Arab News that the cycle pointing to violence in Gaza gotten been  frustrating.

“Despite all the disappointments in addition to losses, the resistance while Gaza came out with tangible work on the ground that will lead to alter if Israel continues in its madness within the fragile  ceasefire. ”

By looking at the economic benefits, Ofer Salzberg, Middle East platform director at the Herbert Kelman Institute for Conflict Adjustment, told Arab News associated with Hamas’ decision was “more economic than ideological. ”

He put in: “Hamas choosing to stay far from fighting provided a tailwind to the dominant recommendation from Israel’s defense officialdom: To boost the Gazan economy however Hamas’ rule in order to defer wars. ”


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