Halloween celebration amid the deadly pandemic

Halloween celebration comes every year and people are always excited about it. However, in this article Halloween in the pre-pandemic and pandemic era would be discussed.

Halloween celebration comes every year and people are always excited about it. However, in this article Halloween in the pre-pandemic and pandemic era would be discussed.

Halloween before Pandemic

Halloween is a day of celebration in many countries on the 31st of October. It is a time dedicated to remembering the deceased one including the martyr’s hallows and the one who left this world for good.  Before the pandemic children used to do tricks or treats, wear scary costumes, go to Halloween parties, visit scary places, play pranks, tell horror stories to each other and watch horror movies at night.

Halloween after pandemic

But because of the pandemic of COVID-19 this year, Halloween is going to be a lot more different. As cases of COVID-19 are rising day by day Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has warned and has released some ways to celebrate a safer Halloween this year. CDC has also said to avoid the trick or treating tradition and going to different houses and interact more closely with others.

According to the chief of pediatric emergency medicine Dr Christopher Kelly, the CDC suggests to avoid the traditional trick or treating, going to different houses and having a face to face interaction with many people.

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Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested avoiding the following activities in order to curb the increasing cases of COVID-19.

  1. Avoid gathering in large places such as in costume parties where many people are present.
  2. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol as it will damage the lungs and affect the immune system.
  3. Avoid going to indoor haunted places as you may not know who have touched the surfaces.
  4. Avoid having gatherings at parking lots where people hand out treats from the trunks of the cars.

Though the celebration of Halloween is going to be a lot more different than the past year’s Halloweens, it will be celebrated but with some safety measures to save the people from infection and also the safe resumption of their enjoyment during this holiday.

Tips for a safe Halloween celebration

Some of the safer ways to celebrate Halloween are as follows.

Have a virtual costume party

Due to COVID-19 having a costume party in person is riskier. So to avoid the risks use video calls and chats with friends and families and show them your scary costumes and have fun playing games. It is easy and convenient. If it is not working out then outdoor costume parade is another option having a distance of at least 6 feet from one another and wear face masks.

Have a scavenger hunt at home

Have a scavenger hunt at home with family members instead of going into the neighbourhood for scavenger hunting. Create a list of all the ‘Halloween-themed’ items for children to find from a distance while the kids are out for a while. Try hiding hints in the house that will lead the children to a bigger surprise.

Have a movie night at home

Having an outdoor movie night with friends and families keeping a distance of 6 feet is a safer way to celebrate Halloween.

“ Have a ‘single served packaging’ for treats and popcorn with single-serve drinks in bottles and deliver everyone their own pack of food items and set up the chairs at distance”

Or you can have a video chat with friends and families while starting and watching the movie at the same time.

Decorate pumpkins at home

This activity is safer and has fun. It is safer as it could be done at home. Children can draw outlines on the pumpkin with the help of a marker and parents can crave on them with a knife and cutters. After cleaning it, place some lights inside the pumpkin or a candle. And be careful when carving the pumpkins.

Planning a safer trick or treat

If you are planning to have a trick or treat then, have it, but with safety measures. Go in small groups and maintain a distance from other groups. Only go to those houses which are distributing candies outdoor maintaining a distance of 6 feet from each other. Grab those individual bags of candies that are placed at a space from other bags.

Have a Halloween piñata

Have a piñata at home and fill it with candies and chocolates and hang it outside the house. Make your children dressed up in Halloween costumes and take turns in hitting the piñata with sticks and brooms until the candies fall out from the piñata. It is a safer way to have candies by replacing this activity with the trick or treat tradition.

Enjoyment can never be stopped. Events can be celebrated in one way or another. So think for new ideas and prepare for the Halloween eve. Try to share your innovative Halloween celebration ideas in the comment section below.