Google Settles ‘Incognito’ Lawsuit by Destroying Web Browsing Data | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Google Incognito Lawsuit Settlement: What You Need to Know

Google has recently agreed to delete “billions” of data records from people browsing the web collected in “Incognito” mode as part of a settlement for a class-action lawsuit alleging it tracked users in private browsing. This settlement comes after a lawsuit filed in 2020, representing millions of Google users who had used private browsing from June 2016 through December 2023.

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What Led to the Lawsuit?

The class action filed in 2020 accused Google of misleading users about how Chrome tracked the activity of anyone who used the private “Incognito” browsing option. Users believed that their browsing activity was private and not being tracked by Google. However, the lawsuit alleged that Google was collecting data without their knowledge or consent.

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The Settlement Details

As part of the settlement, Google has agreed to delete and/or remediate billions of data records that reflect class members’ private browsing activities. While the plaintiffs had initially sought $5 billion in damages, the settlement does not involve any direct payments from Google. However, individuals are free to pursue damages by filing their own complaints against Google in U.S. state courts.

Implications of the Settlement

This settlement has significant implications for both Google and its users. It highlights the importance of transparency and user privacy in the digital age. Users expect that their online activities remain private when using private browsing modes, and any violation of this trust can lead to legal repercussions for companies like Google.

What Users Can Do

If you are a Google user who used private browsing mode between June 2016 and December 2023, you may be eligible to file a complaint against Google to seek damages. The settlement allows individuals to take legal action against Google in state courts to hold the company accountable for any privacy violations.

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Google’s Response

Following the settlement, shares of Google parent Alphabet were 1% lower before the opening bell on Tuesday. Google has not made any public statements regarding the settlement or the allegations made in the lawsuit. However, the company’s actions in deleting billions of data records indicate a willingness to address the concerns raised by users and regulators.


The Google Incognito lawsuit settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting user privacy and ensuring transparency in data collection practices. As technology continues to evolve, companies like Google must prioritize user trust and data security to maintain a positive relationship with their users. This settlement sets a precedent for holding tech companies accountable for any breaches of user privacy and serves as a warning to others in the industry.

In conclusion, the Google Incognito lawsuit settlement is a significant development in the ongoing debate over online privacy and data protection. It highlights the need for companies to be transparent about their data collection practices and respect user privacy rights. As users become more aware of their digital footprint, they will continue to demand greater accountability from tech companies like Google.

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