George Takei disses William Shatner’s journey to area: ‘He’s boldly going the place different individuals have gone earlier than’

Star Trek's George Takei takes a jab at William Shatner's trip to space.
Star Trek’s George Takei takes a jab at William Shatner’s journey to area. (Photo: Getty Images)

George Takei and William Shatner‘s decade-long feud continues. 

Takei threw shade at his former Star Trek co-star following Shatner’s historic journey to area. When requested by Page Six what he considered Shatner’s trip on Blue Origin, Takei quipped, “He’s boldly going where other people have gone before.”

“He’s a guinea pig, 90 years old and it’s important to find out what happens,” Takei, 84, added. The actors starred together on the original 1966 series.

“So 90 years outdated goes to indicate an incredible deal extra on the damage and tear on the human physique, so he’ll be a very good specimen to review,” Takei continued. “Although he isn’t the fittest specimen of 90 years outdated, so he’ll be a specimen that is unfit!”

Shatner is well aware his age made him the oldest person ever to go into space on Wednesday.

“I needed to stroll up that platform, I used to be exhausted. My muscular tissues damage from all this coaching, I’m aching, I’m in ache,” the actor quipped on Thursday’s CBS Mornings. “And I’m up there, and I’m saying, ‘Holy s***, I’m 90!’”

Shatner admitted to getting nervous before blastoff.

“You’re mendacity again there and there’s all this explosive materials. And we all know it is protected. They’ve made this, Blue Origin has made it protected. I wish to emphasize that. So it is protected. But it is one factor to say it is protected, and it is one other considering ‘Oh, I bear in mind O-rings, and I bear in mind explosions,” he shared, admitting the feeling of being in G-force was an emotional experience.

“You’re floating. Your intestine is floating, your head is floating. The outdoors is, you are immersed in issues which are indescribable,” Shatner continued. “I used to be so moved. And what I needed after I mentioned I wish to maintain on to it, it is like a reality that abruptly involves you. And you do not wish to dissipate it. You do not wish to lose it. You wish to maintain it for the remainder of your life.”