‘Gemini’ Searches Surge Amid ChatGPT Outage, Showing Competition | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Rise of Google’s Gemini During OpenAI ChatGPT Outage

Key Takeaways:

  • Searches for “Gemini,” Google’s chatbot, surged during an outage affecting OpenAI ChatGPT users on Tuesday, indicating that Google’s efforts to present itself as an alternative to the artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer may be gaining ground.
  • Microsoft-backed OpenAI reported an outage that affected ChatGPT users starting in the early hours of Tuesday until around 1 p.m. ET.
  • Google searches for Gemini jumped nearly 60% during the ChatGPT outage, according to analysis from software company QRFY.

Amid an hours-long outage on Tuesday affecting Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT, searches for “Gemini,” Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, spiked, suggesting that Google’s efforts to position itself as a competitor to the AI pioneer may be making headway.

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ChatGPT Outage Affected All Users Tuesday

OpenAI reported a major outage that impacted all ChatGPT users for several hours on Tuesday. The incident began in the early morning hours and was resolved by around 1 p.m. ET the same day. OpenAI did not specify the cause of the outage. This disruption occurred shortly after OpenAI unveiled its latest AI model, GPT-4o.

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Searches for ‘Gemini’ Surge During Outage

During the ChatGPT outage, Google searches for “Gemini,” Google’s AI chatbot, skyrocketed to 327,058 searches, representing a nearly 60% increase from the average daily search volume between May 4 and June 3. Analysis from software company QRFY revealed that searches for “Microsoft Copilot” also saw a rise, albeit less significant than those for Gemini.

QRFY CEO Marc Porcar commented on Google’s efforts to position itself as OpenAI’s primary conversational AI competitor, stating that the surge in searches for Gemini during ChatGPT’s outage indicates a clear shift towards Google as an alternative. He noted the parallel trend between the outage and Gemini’s search surge, suggesting that users perceive Gemini as a viable substitute for ChatGPT in its absence.

Following these developments, Microsoft’s stock closed 0.6% higher at $416.07 on Tuesday, while shares of Google parent company Alphabet saw a 0.4% increase to $173.79.

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As technology continues to evolve, competition in the AI space intensifies. The outage experienced by OpenAI’s ChatGPT shed light on Google’s Gemini as a potential contender in the conversational AI landscape. With users actively seeking alternatives during disruptions, companies like Google are poised to capitalize on such opportunities.

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