Fully Funded Training in Uzbekistan by MAPS

Mentor Amiable Professional Association (MAPS) is a reputable association working in Rahim Yar Khan, South Punjab, Pakistan. The aim of this association is to discover hidden talents in young leaders. In previous days I was selected for the Young Professional Fellowship program initiated by this reputed association and this selection resulted in a fruitful training in Uzbekistan.

Including me, there were more than a dozen students and scholars from Pakistan, who were selected for this training program. They were from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sargodha, Peshawar ad FATA. Some were selected from Tashkent and Samarkand, prominent cities of Uzbekistan. We all were from different professional and family backgrounds. Regarding fellowship program, officials had hired veteran trainers from Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Discussion of topics

Different topics were discussed by trainers i.e. rule of law, economy, social capital, hard and soft power, climate change, the role of a mentor in changing society, policymaking on different issues etc. Competent trainers from Pakistan were engaged in this activity.

In every society of the world, rule of law is sustained or destabilized by various conditions. The making of rule of law, working and implementing, it is the basic task of legislature and policymakers to run the circle of a country or a state in a wise manner by benefiting the general public without discrimination of caste, creed, religion and division of classes like elite, middle and lower.

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In these prevailing times of global tech era, the status quo still exists in Pakistan. Governmental bodies criticize the general public, while the general public criticizes the government. Pakistan is facing multi-challenges in this epoch due to volatile working of previous governments in the name of leadership. NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO DO FAIR tasks like transparency WITH Pakistan.

Chaos in Pakistan

Economic upheavals are observed in Pakistan in the previous several decades. The issue is corrupt practices by governmental bodies on massive grounds. The amount of taxes of poor and underprivileged was used in ill means or in the personal use of governmental bodies. A tumultuous situation arises when the economy gets earthed. To uplift the economy, governmental bodies should take assistance from policymakers, but what are the policymakers doing for Pakistan? Everyone knows about it.

Peace in Uzbekistan

During the training in Uzbekistan, I observed that she is an underdeveloped country with the lowest GDP rate and the economy is lowest than Pakistan. One rupee is equal to 65 Som of Uzbek. But, there is peace in the environment of Uzbekistan. The general public is enjoying their life with basic facilities. There is no criticizing approach by the masses and they even don’t use abusive remarks for one another. All people are enjoying and living in diversity.

The ongoing system in Pakistan

Every developed nation uplifts itself by engaging in positive and affirmative tasks. The affirmative role of mentors is a way of success for every nation (especially for youth). The education system plays a vital role in building an intellectual nation. Unfortunately, the education system of Pakistan is comprised of multi-systems, i.e. Harvard, Cambridge, British, Silverfish and Madrassahs system.

On the other hand, training in Uzbekistan made me reach the fact that after every five years, there is the existence of new policies for short-term goals. There doesn’t exist long-term planning that’s why we are lacking behind the developed regions of the world. So, there is a chaotic condition for long-term planning as every government arrived and departed for the sake of their personal interests. Country’s fate is based on four pillars; every pillar is not doing at its best.

 Uzbekistan vs Pakistan

Trainers of maps have trained us by enriching the ideas regarding competing with the modern globalised era. If we are committed to change, the future is shining in different ways, but if we will remain in this status quo, we will be considered as the prisoners of the past. The motive of maps is to derive and implement soft power concept in Pakistan especially for youth to confront challenges of status quo.

We also met with the governmental officials of Uzbekistan; there is a lot of difference noted between leadership and politician. They have no arrogance; they seem to be like a common man. There is equality between gatekeeper and higher authorities. Unfortunately, the general public of Pakistan is just born for politics. The major role of the general public is to destabilize other people. We should change this attitude by eliminating the status quo.

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Culture and ethics of Uzbeks are wise for the locals and foreigners, they respect each other, and their culture is enriched with rule of law, ethics and values. In addition, there was a variety of food, fruits and nomenclature. Law and social justice were strongly implemented in the country. Social order depends upon the general public and their obedience to the law. Training in Uzbekistan has taught a number of skills which would be quite useful in the coming future.