Florida Tower Collapse: Zero chance of finding survivors

Rescuers searching the ruins of a Florida tower collapse and are shifting their focus from search and rescue to recovery.


Victims of Florida tower collapse tragedy

The decision was made two weeks after the 12-story Champlain Towers South building collapsed in the middle of the night.

Surfside city officials say 54 victims have been found and 86 are still missing.

Since the original fall, no survivors have been located, and rescuers believe numerous corpses were discovered in their beds.

During a private meeting between families of the missing and Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief RaideJadallah on Wednesday, it was announced that the rescue mission was coming to a conclusion.

“Today’s news is incredibly distressing,” Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said later at a press conference. For two weeks, we’ve all worked tirelessly, day and night, to save lives. The declaration was made today as a consequence of a consensus among those closest to the rescue attempts that there is a slim chance that anyone is still alive.

“A miracle is still possible, even if there appears to be no hope of discovering life under the ruins.”

The teams had been working in 12-hour shifts, with crews from Israel and Mexico assisting them.

The Florida tower collapsed on June 24

On Wednesday, the fatality toll rose by ten when officials in Surfside said they were able to remove a big portion of concrete. As they remove rubble, rescuers have been manually filling buckets with concrete and handing them down a line. The rubble is being held in a government storehouse for further examination.

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Due to instability in the mound of rubble and Tropical Storm Elsa, which made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, the effort has been interrupted multiple times.

Meanwhile, a grand jury investigation has been begun to find out why the building collapsed on June 24.

Miami Building Collapses: Surf rescuer rejects more survivors as he finds three more victims.

Three more bodies were found under the rubble. Champlain Towers South, an Israeli colonel who leads a rescue team, says he does not believe they survived.

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Colonel Golan Wah said: “Right now, I think the odds are close to zero. ”WPLG. “The situation we have seen in the last few days is very difficult for me to say professionally that I believe there is a high probability of finding a living person.”

Three more bodies were found

On Monday morning, Miami Assistant Fire Chief Dad Jadala told the victims’ families that three more bodies had been found, according to the Associated Press.

This resulted in the death of the destroyed building to 27 buildings and the number of unknown to 118.

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Sunday night was the last remaining tower in the apartment complex to be demolished, removing the danger to rescue workers and clearing an area of rubble that they had not previously had access to.

Mr. Jadallah said the three new bodies were found there. Miami Mayor Danila Levin Kawa confirmed this at a press conference Monday morning.

He said: “Since the first respondents were able to resume work on the crash last night,

“We are saddened to find three additional casualties.”