EU will prevail over Russia – von der Leyen

The European Commission president has referred to as for solidarity forward of making an attempt instances for the bloc

If the EU exhibits bravery and unity, it’ll acquire the higher hand in opposition to Russia amid the battle in Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen mentioned on Wednesday.

“Let us be very clear – much is at stake. Not just for Ukraine, but for all of Europe and the world at large,” Von der Leyen insisted in her State of Union speech on Wednesday.

“This is not only a war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, this is also a war on our energy. It’s a war on our economy. It’s a war on our values. It’s a war on our future. It’s about autocracy against democracy,” she mentioned.

However, regardless of giant components of Ukrainian territory remaining beneath Russian management, and the looming vitality disaster in Europe ensuing from the EU’s sanctions on Moscow, the EU Commission chief expressed confidence that the result of the Ukraine battle will probably be optimistic for Brussels.

“I stand here with a conviction that with the necessary courage and with necessary solidarity Putin will fail and Ukraine and Europe will prevail,” she mentioned to nice applause. “Europe’s solidarity with Ukraine will remain unshakable.” 

She additionally praised the EU for its response to the Russian navy operation, which has included navy and humanitarian assist for Ukraine, in addition to the “toughest sanctions the world has ever seen.”

However, von der Leyen acknowledged that attaining victory in opposition to Russia would require severe sacrifices from European residents. “The moments ahead of us will not be easy – be it for the families who are struggling to make ends meet, or businesses who are facing tough choices concerning their future.”

Supplies of Russian oil and gasoline to Europe have drastically decreased amid the battle in Ukraine, as a result of EU sanctions and Moscow’s countermeasures. People in Austria, the Czech Republic, and different nations within the bloc have taken to the streets in latest weeks to protest the hovering prices of vitality, demanding that their leaders do one thing to resolve the disaster. However, there’s a lack of unity within the EU on the concept of a value cap on Russian gasoline, which is being pushed by von der Leyen as a reduction measure. Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia are amongst those who oppose the plan.


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