Emily Harrington: Free-climbed El Captain’s golden gate route in 24 hours

Emily Harrington is now becoming a worldwide sensation by making a record of using the challenging route massive 3,000-foot granite face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Emily Harrington is now becoming a worldwide sensation by making a record of using the challenging route massive 3,000-feett granite of El Cap which is in Yosemite National Park.

She achieved this record on last Wednesdays. By winning this record for herself ‘Harrington’ climbed up in the history books. She is now being celebrated as one of the few women to climb up such long height within 24 hours’ time.

‘Emily Harrington’: a record-breaking story

El Captain is according to people one of the biggest, difficult and rock-climbing venues which has a deep history. To climb up this high is not everyone’s cup of tea. But Life is full of miracles and adventures. This world has seen lots of people who like to push their limits to do something extraordinary. Out of these people, one woman came up with doing something unique. And no wonder she’s a wonder. ‘Emily Harrington’ 34, climbed up the 3000 ft mountain on 4th November,

It happened last Wednesday within 21 hours, 13 minutes, and 51 seconds, she made it.

It was the day when the nation was expecting some new developments in the presidential elections. Emily Harrington wrote she got occupied between her own “internal drama of achieving a life goal” 

Emily Harrington’s success hidden in failure

‘Try try again’ that’s what ‘Harrington’ had in her mind. The success feather in her hat wasn’t acquired in one go. That was the climber Harrington’s fourth attempt. The professional wanted to do it within 24 hours.

She made it happen this time by starting it with her long-term beau, Adrian Ballinger, who is a Mount Everest guide and Alex Honnold, who is also a famous climber and made history when he climbed up to El Capitan in 2017.

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During Harrington’s another attempt this same year she fell again which resulted in a bleeding wound above her eye, which she described in a post as her ‘nasty slip’. she further wrote

” A deep gash on my forehead left my bloody and defeated. I pulled on again, part of me not really wanting to stay on the wall, the other part gathering courage and flow.”

Emily Harrington shares her victory with friends and family

Emily Harrington managed to break the record of becoming the first women to free-climb the El Captain. She was extremely happy and took to Instagram to share her success with the F&F and the people out there. She noted “I never believed I could actually free-climb El Cap in a day when I first set the goal for myself,” the 34-year-old Harrington also wrote on her IG.

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“Impossible dreams challenge us to rise above who we are now to see if we can become better versions of ourselves.”

On another fortuity in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition she stated

“I think the reason it was successful was kind of a mixture of finally being prepared enough, finally having the experience required, having the fitness and the training, as well as a little bit of luck.”

Previous records

There were few women before Emily Harrington who made the record of free climbing the first was, Lynn Hill, likely three decades ago, In the past few years, three people, who were all men have managed to set a record of climbing up the granite El Captain through the Golden Gate route in a day.

 Emily Harrington’s achievement and people’s opinion

Jon Glassberg who is a photographer and climber was at the scene to capture and record the journey. He said in his IG post about Emily Harrington,

“I have not seen toughness like this in climbing before and likely won’t again.”

Following the same Ken Yager, president of the Yosemite Climbing Association Museum wrote: “It’s pretty impressive what she did.”

Emily became the inspiration for all women out there that “Nothing is impossible!”

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