Egypt to release 25 pretrial detainees: report

CAIRO: Egypt will release 25 pretrial detainees pending investigations onto Wednesday, according to a member on your Presidential Pardon Committee.  

The group associated with pretrial detainees are to be came up with within around 24 hours, claimed Tarek El-Kholy, as quotes by Ahlam Online.    

This is the latest batch of pretrial detainees released pending deliberate or not.

The  Leadership Pardon Committee  is ruled to review the cases of most pretrial detainees for electoral crimes.

El-Kholy previously noted in an talk to with The Africa Report that just individuals who have not participated throughout the violent acts or taken care of military personnel or people will be considered for faveur.  

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi re-affirmed on several incidents that Egypt holds tampoco political prisoners and that the state administration promotes respect for user rights.


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